Italy, Verrucchio (RN) – ELF claim attack on Emir Spa in solidarity with NO TAV prisoners


Translated by act for freedom now


We receive from anonymous mail and transmit:
“17/01 we enter the quarry of Verucchio (RN), one of the two quarries from where CMC (according to information given by the company itself) take raw materials to be employed in their concrete plants. CMC = eco-terrorist company that carry out death projects from Val Susa to Ethiopia and all over the world, by building high speed railway tracks, highways, dams, shopping centres, etc.
The quarry of Verucchio run by Emir SPA is one of the many places covering this territory, where the land is being gutted in order to feed the unrestrained industry.
We placed tanks of petrol and triggers made of firelighters, fumigators and matches under 9 heavy vehicles. Unfortunately, because of the strong wind that extinguished the triggers, only two vehicles got destroyed, but the message went through clear and strong. We left some writing on the spot: ‘CMC eco-terrorist. Solidarity with Nicco, Claudio, Chiara, Mattia and with the NO TAV struggle’. This is our contribution to the struggle against TAV and against all harmfulness. We meet repression head-on, freedom for the arrested comrades!
Boars from Marecchia – ELF

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