A new terror-trial has begun in Koridallos prisons 3/2/14 Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!

One more terror-trial began today at Koridallos prisons, with 7 anarchist comrades accused of participation in the CCF and for the robberies in Pirgetos and Filota. 5 of the comrades have been accused of being part of the CCF before, although they as well as the imprisoned members of the CCF have repeatedly stated that they have nothing to do with the organization. The anti-terrorist force as well as the juridical mechanisms however, intentionally insist on presenting them as members of the CCF.
The accused comrades G.Mihailidis kai G.Naxakis stated they do not want legal representation. The terror-court however appointed advocates.
In this trial are tried three ordinances. Two for the robberies in Pirgetos and Filota, plus ordinance 207, which is adjudicated simultaneously in another trial in Koridallos as well as the Appellate on Loukareos street. Thus, we have the never before seen phenomenon of adjudicating an ordinance three times (and we do not know how many more), because this is the method of the now known officer of the anti-terrorist force E.Hardalias.
The advocate of comrades F.Harisis and A.Dalios said that at some point they must examine the matter of postponing the trial and that they cannot have trials in spaces that look like a shack. Since advocates have been appointed the court had to adjourn, as it did.
Comrades G.Sarafoudis, A.Dalios, F.Harisis, N.Romanos and G. Mihailidis made statements about their persecution.

Statement by comrade G.Sarafoudis:

“Another terror-trial, a special court inside the prisons, begins today! Here in a bad quality theatre, charges and sentences will be attributed to people who defend a different value code than the one the laws and you project as the only acceptable one.
The juridical authority and its functioning has nothing to do with serving justice and I am hostile towards it. It awards snitching and remorse with lenient provisions while it has humiliated the concept of equality and dignity. The justice you represent loads crippling sentences of imprisonment, in wretched spaces and conditions, in order to brutalize every trace of human substance. Through legal and state arbitrariness, are promoted human ‘cannibalism’, dominating and exploitative relations and in the end the instrumentalization of the person.
You defend a crippled freedom, a freedom that needs borders, armies, security forces, concentration camps and illegal or legal people on 2nd , 3rd or 4th gear who depending on their social and economical position fight for survival, fear and apathy enjoying however consumerist paradises which are based on the miserable labour of themselves and other people.
I refuse this limited freedom of yours, I try to construct real relations with the people around me and acting only based on my conscience I fight against all the above for my individual freedom, a freedom you cannot understand, never, because the only relation you have with the concept has to do with its deprivation!”

Joint statement of comrades A.Dalios and F.Harisis: 

‘In our time, as in past times, others are in the fire and others applaud… ‘

To fight you must risk. Risk to lose.
From emotions and companions up to freedom itself.
When you risk to live moments of anti-authority, you must dive and burn in the fire… if there is time, you count your burnt flesh… Or else the eyes stay frozen for ever on the borders of the unattainable…
Another date, another trial with more or less the same charges. Although they differentiate a bit each time, it is not really important. Anyway, you try and you will try our life attitude against the law, our anarchic daydreams and the risks in the struggle of everyday life. And of course, the mistakes, spoils in your pursuit to condemn us.
Breathing from inside prison now, we make sure we look at the part of the sky attributable to us as unrepentantly as when on the outside -a when you do not need to know- together with friends and comrades we planned, subverted, fought with all our heart in the struggle for freedom. Whether moving anonymously in seconds of attack surprising the metropolitan time or walking next to other unknown comrades in the streets.
Let it not get in your head that your punishments will ‘correct’ our intentions.
Because these feed and mould in the injustice and disappointments produced by your world.
Because they persistently refuse to close the eyes before the general misery which you also represent.
Because our experiences all these years in your rotten society, of apathy and alienation and subjugation is enough for us to not make a step back.
Because in the end if there is something worthy in the struggle we give it is that we LIVE with dignity in our time and this you cannot judge nor limit it, no matter how many years you lock us up in your correctional brothels…
If we could gather in one book the pain of the people you condemned, if we could put on one page the sighs of the condemned and their tough tears, then a bullet in your heads would be “little”….
You together with your inferiors artfully create a climate of terror-hysteria in order to condemn us with long sentences, bury us in high security prisons and justify all kinds of juridical coups on our lives. So we can see in the end the “success” of your play, the miracle of correction. Lets wait with suspense if you will win the bet you set: our extermination.
Let us remind you however that your world has a larger yard than the one in prison and millions of imprisoned souls, pile up in the halls of habit, routine, work, the fucking repetitive come-and-go’s, THE GENERAL INACTIVITY.
On the side of wanted consciences
Next to the wanted freedoms.”

Statement by comrade G.Mihailidis:

“Up against the police-juridical complex as a declared enemy of capitalist democracy…
Disarmed by the officers of order, but determined to arm my speech against them…
In the cheap theatrical play called trial, the judges like wretched actors, struggle to hide the rawness of the violent imposing of state authority. The democratic decision of a lengthy sentencing to the correctional hell-holes is presented as a product of dialogue in which the accused also participates. Authority washes the blood away with appearances of justice, humanism, leniency or worst case scenario, necessity. And the word of authority is articulated in the code of the law, that is the language of fraud which serves the maintaining of the status quo of state and capital.

I refuse to speak the language of the enemy in order to negotiate my sentence and this is why I do not recognize any legal representation.

I refuse to participate in this play, I respect of course the attempt of the comrades to sabotage it by refuting the monolithic speech of civil justice at every stage of the procedure.
It is generally, because I refuse to accept the whole obsession of the juridical mechanism, not only the way its applied now but also any possible application of it in different kinds of regimes. Because no institutionalized special body has jurisdiction to impose its judgement on the choices and actions of other people. And no code of laws can fit the wealth of human relations in such a complex reality which every group of rules fails to mold. Such a procedure stems from state imposition and this serves, keeping connected the authoritarian social web which as an anarchist I want to destroy, in order for raw human anti-authoritarian relations, whose only connecting web will be emotion and conscience, to shine.
If the above seem abstract generalities, my refusal is specific when it comes to accepting the ethics of capital, the sacretization of individual property which the whole legal code is orientated towards protecting. I have been a thief and robber disputing the sacred chalice of capitalism. Because property means exclusion, it means accumulation, it is the womb of the dominant form of exploitation and oppression, the economic. And its force, is its diffuse, its everywhere, in everyone, like the ticket to the world of capitalism.
More substantive I will speak of my refusal to accept the objective value of human life as its defined by the law of the state, which provocatively discredits the workers murdered by the impunity of the bosses.
Which provocatively discredits the suicides in the prisons where it buries people alive.
Which discredits the hecatombs of dead from military operations.
Which provocatively discredits the immigrants it drowns at the seas, blows up or shoots at the borders which divide zones of graded economic exploitation.
Which provocatively discredits the lives of people transforming all of us into products, a procedure which goes through the constant torture of the disobedient or the weak. From the children-slaves of multinationals in the third world, to the brutality of the meat industry is a very short distance.
And in the ends it provocatively and disrespectfully discredits earth itself, leading it to mass illness and death by the technological-industrial civilization of pollution.

 This is why I as an anarchist discredit the lives of the economic, political and scientific executives of the system, as well as those who follow their orders, servants of the police-juridical complex which defends murderous order of this world.

This is why when I was up against teo cops who tried to steal my freedom, I sought besides my escape also their physical extermination. Do not be shocked little people of the panel of judges, because if there value in human life it in connection with freedom and your life, that of the robbers of freedom has a negative value.

And in my value system maybe a cop could, under specific conditions, be dealt with leniency, every judge however has a place in a grave for those people they have buried alive.


Giannis Mihailidis

Koridallos prisons. ”

Statement by comrade N.Romanos:

 “The purpose of this statement is to clarify the intentions for you and your court.
The acts, which cannot be combined with words in order for their conceptual content to be clear, lead to confusion, while words which are not accompanied by acts are empty meanings of a blabbering neutrality.
I am here as a declared and unrepentant enemy of yours, I do not beg for your lenience, I do not seek to engage in dialogue with you and your peers. My values are at war with yours this is why every phrase I speak against you is a razor carving the masks of your hypocrisy and making the position and the role of each of us clear.
You draft hundreds of pages of indictments and you constantly form new cases in order to bury us in the prisons of your democracy for decades.
You are preparing to impose “special detention conditions” on us, which is the only coup missing from the pantheon of “special treatments” (prison transfers, trials, legislations), which you create to fight us.
The simple laws of physics say that the consequence of action is reaction.
Outside this courtroom on free lands there are rebellious people, comrades for me, terrorists for you, who don’t intend to tolerate our extermination without first making you and your political supervisors bleed.
If you want you can take this as a threat.
I believe, that this is the cynical reality. Each choice has its own cost. I imagine that as judges and servants of the law, you would agree with me on this.
But let’s take a quick look at your wonderful world. We are in the era of speed. Everything moves quickly constantly creating states of emergency. The speed of historical time has now derailed, information and news travel in fractions of a second, technology and science are advancing at a gigantic pace.
Next to these the contradictions of modern civilization explode more and more often. Dozens of fires are lit in cities where everything seemed calm and threaten to sow chaos in the organized order of the system.
Such events create conditions that serve us. We create bridges of communication with people behind the barricades so that the acts of violence become part of a more specific political frame, thus opening up the perspective of their crossover to the struggle for the anarchist revolution.
There where rage is combined with conscience.
There where people whose guts burn by the fire of freedom, meet.
Somewhere there are also the imprints of my insurrection.
Anarchist because it is hostile against all authorities reproduced by man, constant because it doesn’t seek reform but destruction, existential because through insurrection we externalize all those beautiful feelings we want to spread in the hearts of the insurgents.
Moreover the quality of life is measured in moments and feelings.
Based on the above schematic description you understand you have no way to stop the inevitable. The collision of our worlds.
That’s why statements like this have exactly this purpose, to send a clear message.
You cannot bend us, you cannot stop the storm that is coming.
These times require contemplation, caution and continuous struggle with all means.

Not a step back!

More violence against the state and capital.

Strength to anarchist urban guerrillas Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, who have a bounty on their heads.

Strength to all comrades who are in clandestinity.

Stick the bounty money up your ass!


Nikos Romanos


 The trial will coninue on Friday 21st of February.
P.S. Comrades G.Naxakis and N.Romanos are not present in the trial for reasons they have explained in their past texts.



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