Trento, Italy – Claim of attack on surveillance court


 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now

Text of the claim:
‘The comrades locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara have been in solitary confinement and subjected to mail restrictions for several months. Nico, Chiara, Mattia and Claudio also are being subjected to heavy restrictions. They have recently been denied visits from their loved ones, with the purpose of annihilating them and keeping them quiet.
A device was places in Trento against surveillance judges and in order to give voice to all those who are locked up and struggling with dignity.
In this way, we send greetings to prisoners, in anticipation of the struggle they will start in April, and hoping the struggle will become inflamed.
The judiciary and the pricks talk about violence, but compared to the violence exercised by the judiciary and the institutions, ours is little thing, certainly not so big as the pain and killing they inflict on prisoners, as happened some months ago in Trento.
We are not hypocritical like you, so we claim our violence against the responsible for all this.
Solidarity with Spyros Stratoulis,Tamara Vergara, Sabbi, Andrea, Gabriele, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and with all those who are struggling and enduring restrictions by the judiciary’ .

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