Pisa, Italy – Raid on the Anarchist Garage


From informa-azione.info via radioazione
Translated by act for freedom now


We receive and transmit:
On the one hand yet another plan bearing destruction and poisoning, so abominable as is concrete; their efforts to present it as normal administration, as a happy ending to the Italian nuclear adventure, can’t conceal the abomination of a heritage of millenary civilization and domestication of life. We are talking about the spilling of 750,000 litres of radioactive water, which started in October and is still on-going, into the canal of Navicelli, a canal that flows into the sea near Livorno; the water comes from the cooling pool of the experimental nuclear reactor of CISAM (Inter-force Centre Studies and Military Applications) as it is being dismantled.

On the other hand, a group of protestors who took the experts of democratic dissent and the institutional road aside, and organized themselves in order to tip the scales. There have been several attempts by the anarchists at slagging the media campaign on the transparency of the operation carried out by CISAM in collaboration with ARPAT, a campaign dispensing reassurance, data and of course falsity, hypocrisy and the hideous calmness of those who poison the Earth and demand docile silence in exchange for participation and death. And so: gatherings, concerts, leaflets, demos… All this, however, didn’t manage to involve the people.
But someone thought it good to express their dissent in a different way: first a poster appeared on the walls of the city, signed ARPAT and Council of Pisa, which alerted the people to the dangers of the spilling of radioactive water; then, on November 26, a group of ‘unknown hoodies’ stormed the premises of ARPAT, putting the employees of environmental devastation in front of their responsibilities, writing graffiti and getting out before police arrived.
Clearly there was no tipping of the scales: those who slip death and devastation to us only got a little bit angry and nothing more. It would be all another story if we gave these gentlemen something back, as our generous comrades did: Alfredo and Nicola by kneecapping Roberto Adinolfi, Marco Camenisch by sabotaging with dynamite the sites of nuclear plants, and many other rebels of the past and the present, by opposing nuclear death with countless different struggles.
The reaction of the institutions came rapid, and they condemned the action as the job of the usual ‘professionals of terror’ and invoked the heavy axe of repression to break off the hearts of the hoodies who dared express conflict in a pacified context, where complaints and demands are wisely recuperated. And here it is their ‘axe’ (in this case it reminds you of a plastic toy rather than a real axe): on 4th February, Digos officers from Pisa raided the homes of two comrades of the Anarchist Garage, as they did with the premises of the place itself. Looking for overwhelming evidence they seized clothes, computers, hard disks, pamphlets, leaflets, dossiers and copies of the local paper Controtempo. The charges pressed are: threatening public officials, daubing and provoking false alarm.
The system produces, exploits, pollutes, contaminates and gets rich, while the consequences of their exploits show themselves in the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat. All this just deserves hatred and anger, and an organized response to this nefarious, cowardly and disgusting face of techno-industrial dominion.
As far as we are concerned, we confirm our determination to struggle against this plan. Their toy axe can only get broken on our hard heads. Not a step backwards! Revolutionary solidarity with the imprisoned comrades in struggle!
Garage Anarchico

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