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Hi everybody,
as ‘news’ on our case came out in December, we are giving here an some update.
Our lawyers had presented appeal against the sentence issued by the court of Bellinzona. The appeal was accepted by the Federal Tribunal of Lausanne, which ordered the sentence be re-formulated so that the parties could discuss again their positions in the light of some documentation that federal prosecutors had initially ignored but they had subsequently be compelled to consider on order of the Federal Tribunal of Lausanne.
This documentation was basically an exchange of information between federal prosecutors, the UCIDIGOS and Europol information technology system, ‘SIENA’ (Secure Information Exchange Network Application), information related to us and to some ex housemates of us, which was all but secret: addresses, participation to editorial collectives, previous convictions, political tendencies they attributed to us and even… fines we hadn’t paid. But this documentation was marked as ‘H’, which the site of Europol itself defines as a code used for ‘confidential’ information. Moreover, such information was quite approximate if not totally wrong.

In any case, once again it is clear the prosecutors’ inaccuracy, given that in their files there were references to other data that they had not put on record. But it was some more paper that changed nothing to the set of things; added to the decision to rely on the same judges to re-formulate the sentence, the result is a photocopy, word for word, of the previous sentence, which categorically excludes the arguments of our lawyers through the appeal, in which they questioned the legality of the trial itself as it was based on a coordinated work of Italian and Swiss intelligence (which led to our arrest), therefore illegal according to their laws. The Italian authorities confirmed the existence of this collaboration, whereas the Swiss ones continue to deny it and reiterate that the road block preceding our arrest was casual.
As we learned this without being surprised, we are not interested in presenting other appeals, so the sentence issued in Bellinzona will realistically be a definitive one: 3 years and 8 months (already served with the reduction of 2/3) and fines and expenses amounting to over 70,000 francs, and which we hope will be suspended for a long time. In spite of this, there are still expenses and costs relating to the appeal, so we welcome any solidarity fund to be addressed to the Cassa di Solidarietà contro la Repressione Aracnide, card number 4023 6005 8415 2039, account name Giuseppe Caprioli, reason for payment costabillysilvialiberi .
If there’s no real news as far as we are concerned, there is some as concerns the counter-part. IBM and the Polytechnic of Zurich, after inaugurating in 2011 the new super-technological centre ‘Binning and Rohrer Nanotechnology Centre’ amidst anti-‘eco-terrorists’ measures, are working full time in the ‘noise free’ new laboratories, in an ‘ultra-silenced’ environment highly protected by the most infinitesimal influences from outside (such as vibrations or electromagnetic fields), and can now produce precisely at the scale of 1 nanometre.
In the super centre they are working in all directions: basic research, information technologies, atomic manipulation, nano magnetism, micro and nano production , engineering of life, artificial intelligence and, of course, ‘green technology’.
And they continue to research the slow and progressive annihilation of living things in the daily routine of good people doing a good job, and in the indifference of a ‘pacified’ society.
Against all harmfulness and the techno-scientific existent.
January 2014, Silvia Costa Billy

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