Letter by anarchist Kostas Sakkas – Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!
Letter by comrade Kostas Sakkas
Today’s government-state of permanent emergency, in its attempt to make way for the new development onslaught of capital, unleashes a fierce attack on almost the whole of the labor world, confirming that class war, is not only raging but is at an acute phase. The states, were always instruments of class dominance. A system of social organization which aims at the compromise of the historically irreconcilable contradictions between the exploiters and the exploited.
The anti-populist policy applied by the government, absolutely aligned with the orders of its bosses (EU, IMF), aims at the unconditional surrender of the modern working class and its decommissioning of any conquest of the past in order to make it even more exploitative, even more profitable for capital. The political system clearer than any other period, acts in the name of the supranational economic elite but also to serve its own interests. It acts in the name of the grand investment companies, it acts in the name of the banking conglomerates, it acts for states-loan sharks, serves and supports the economy of the markets and capital.

The capitalist system, which is in the vortex of one of the largest structural crises of its history, so much because of its depth, as well as its multiple expression (banking sector, property purchase, products), has created a commensurately heavy crisis to the political power system also.
It is a fact, that for the capitalist system, the accumulation of capital will always be a causality but also a point of judgment, not only for this but also for the political -system-. The flow of capitals and their profitable development which is a basic value on which the whole system is structured, will always define the political paths of the states. The strongest economic states apply policies of displacement of debt, whether in the european or the international periphery, in order to secure the powerful geographical core of gathering capital. The governments of the weak economies on the other hand, apply exterminating policies of austerity, not caring about the conditions of economic destitution and poverty these form. They destroy the lives and dreams of whole populations, they mortgage their future, uproot any hope in order to secure the interests of the respective economic elite and the securing of the system which deems them dominant.
“In democracy propaganda is what the baton is in a totalitarian regime”, as N.Chomsky had formulated it.
Today the extreme anti-populist orders the rulers are called to impose, demand so much the baton, as well as the construction of consensus by the fourth authority. When the first memorandum came in, major publishers had meetings with the prime-minister about the way they would propagate these burdensome economic measures as necessary and about how they would have the smallest social reactions. Usb sticks were sent to major journalists with directions in order to align their positions with the state policy, while it is a fact that some were taken away from their positions, because they were not as effective as the political occasions demanded.
Objectivity and the valid character of information of the mainstream media today, is somewhere between the “blackmails” of the government towards its owners for the auctioning of frequencies and the liberation of broadcast licenses -term of the memorandum-, the ceasing of granting loans without guarantees and of course the common interests they have from the labor disintegration. It is not accidental that all three memorandum governments, have scandalously relieved channel owners of their tax debts the same moment that the people sigh from the tax raises and austerity.
The government’s informal ministry of propaganda, co-adjutant by the mainstream media struggles to convince whether with propaganda or with oppression that every resistance to the unequal economic and political distribution of today, is futile and condemned, since it will always find in front of it all the mechanisms, institutions and functions of todays totalitarian regime. They want a society in confusion, passive to the developments and perceptively decommissioned, so it will accept the extreme anti-populist policies of the government. They create an artificial climate of insecurity so the memorandums and measures of the new misery are applied with no objections.
They characterize anarchists fighters as terrorists and phrase-monger in an attempt to convince everyone that they are under threat by their actions.
How effective however can this propaganda be against today’s reality?
If they asked the more than 4 million people who live under the poverty limit, who is responsible for the misery they experience…
If they asked the 1,5 million unemployed who is responsible for their exclusion from modern wage slavery…
If they asked the 20 thousand homeless who is responsible for their misery…
If they wonder who is responsible for the more than 3 thousand suicides recorded during the memorandum years…
If they wonder who is responsible for the massive increase in the use of psychiatric drugs -a phenomenon totally connected with today’s economic and existential poverty- and for a whole pile of other samples of social decadence,
you think the answer they would get would be “Sakkas” or one of those who the mainstream media characterize as a “terrorist”?
I do not think so…
Whoever wants to find the real terrorists, should look in the ministry of economy and ministry of labor which are responsible for the economic wretchedness of the people.
Should look in the states accounts and the insurance funds which gambled the money of the tax payers in the stock exchange casino.
Should look in the TAIPED (fund for the development of the country’s private assets) and the committees for selling out public property.
Should look in the parties and their accounts which indebted the people with massive loans for their election campaigns.
Should look in the ministry of public order and the ministry of shipping which executes death contracts in the name of the “migration policy”.
Terrorist acts for the people is the selling out of shipyards, airports, harbors, the Greek Rail Company, the Thessaloniki water company, the countries natural resources.
Terrorist acts are the olympic games and the bribes,
its tax exemptions and loans to publishers and channel owners, its the dissolution of health and education,
its the mortgaging of the life and dreams of the next generations…
The mainstream media, try with their filthy propaganda to discredit the struggles of social fighters and convince that their action is directed towards society. They seek, projecting the framed communicational clashes of the government between the ministry of public order and the ministry of justice, to pave the way for the intensification of oppression towards the political prisoners. The intensification of oppression which aims at anarchists and communists of today, is clearly aiming to intimidate and prevent the resisters and revolted of tomorrow. It is a preventive oppression.
Its characteristic how the mainstream media presented the “news” of my absconding.
While I have not been sentenced by any court up to now, for the journalistic crows it is enough that the anti-terrorist force has found me guilty. They have raised the DAEEB (force for dealing with special violent crimes – antiterrorist force) to a superior institutional authority which judges and decides, while the rest of the state misbehaves and refuses to align with their conclusions (“the anti-terrorist force catches them and the judges let them go”…). Heaps of pathetic reports which speak about my alleged lenient treatment by the juridical mechanisms, about intentional analgesia, even about a leftist para-state (!), which opened the prison gate and I left…
Ridiculousness and feasibility joust with common sense…
For the history I will remind that I am the one who in 2010 was imprisoned for participation in an “unknown terrorist organization”.
I am the one who after six months had my imprisonment renewed for participation in the CCF, despite the fact that from the first moment of my arrest I as well as the organization have denied that I am a member.
I am the one who when my eighteen month pre-trial detainment finished and I had to be released, was re-imprisoned for the actions of the organization (!).
I am the one who when my second twelve month detainment ended, they extended my detainment for six more months completely unlawfully.
I am the one who carried out a 38 day hunger strike in order to be released with the decision of the second committee after my announcement to those in charge that I intended to proceed to a thirst strike in the case that they rejected my demand for a second time.
I am the one who had the joy of feeling what solidarity means and what it means to have comrades.. I am the one who had the political satisfaction of a real movement of solidarity rallying because of my case, a fact that defined the win of this specific struggle, and the judges and their political superiors know this very well.
I am the one who after five months of my release, got re-arrested by the anti-terrorist force because I did not sleep at home(!), despite the fact I never had a bail condition that said I had to sleep at my place of residence.
Despite all this, although the court judged that I shouldn’t be sentenced, the journalistic crows had a different opinion…
Fortunately, Prentenderis, Kosioni, Mina Karamitrou (major mainstream journalists) and the other planted lackeys of the system, do not have the right -yet- to appeal the decisions of the court… The misdemeanor court. to them should have sent me to prison since that is what the anti-terrorist service decided, since that is what Dendias (minister of public order) decided, since, lets be honest, the previous day Ch.Xiros (member of the 17November group) didn’t return from his leave and this had to be communicatively answered.
I am the one who a week later is arrested again because the anti-terrorist force, allegedly identified prints of mine in the house  on 25Martiou street in Halandri (first round of CCF arrests), they had collected in 2009, with the ridiculous excuse that I did not have my prints taken in 2010 when they arrested me, despite the fact there is a report of the DAEEB -which was published- which confirms the opposite.
After my appearance before the interrogator and prosecutor I am finally released.
Again the journalistic crows had a different opinion.
Again the juridical authorities “did not act as they ought to”…
For the mainstream journalists, judges act correctly only when they release corrupted state officials. When they release major businessmen. When they release channel owners and publishers…
Once more they recruited their filthy propaganda in order to create a climate of terror-hysteria and disorientate the public opinion.
This was, this is and this will always be their job, being the crutch of the system…
Especially today, when the need to save the economic-political system of authority requires its function as what it really is, which is a modern totalitarian regime, the rulers need the mainstream media and their propaganda more than ever. By cultivating a climate of fear and terror-hysteria, they aim at social disorientation and in the end, the removal from the real fields of struggle.
There is no doubt that the struggle against the mainstream media, is today an inseparable part of social liberation.
We ought to oppose the concepts which want every real resistance futile, which want every real struggle useless, which want any prospect for social liberation from the bonds of capital and state non-existent.
Especially today, that the only things rulers can secure for their modern vassals are poverty, wretchedness, and oppression, today is when we can and should work with all our powers to materialize our proposals. Lets intervene in real times and spaces, forming the developments towards the revolutionary direction. Lets resist the concepts which want any attempt of ours to take our lives into our own hands condemned to lose and fail. Lets resist the dominating ethics which want people with the head bowed before their rulers. Lets resist the reality which wants people indifferent and passive today, helpless and condemned tomorrow. Lets resist the logic of resignation towards what we ourselves must do. Lets oppose the conformity of subjugation, the delinquency of resistance and insurrection.
Conscience carries the weight of the historical responsibility.
Kostas Sakkas

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