Chile – Call for an international day of mobilization (14th-25th March 2014) in solidarity with anarchist comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now

Here follows the translation [from Spanish to Italian] of a document that RadioAzione has signed with other comrades calling for an international day of mobilization (14th-25th March 2014) in solidarity with anarchist comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan:
Before the judgment of the democratic inquisition… in constant struggle against power
Solidarity Day of International Mobilization from 14thth to 25th March 2014 before the verdict against comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan following ‘Caso Security’
‘No chain shall be for ever; till there are no more maximum security prisons’ – Claudia Lopez
An attack, a dead cop and an extermination campaign
‘At times it’s very costly to defend the rich’
Alexander M. Jacob.
On 18th October 2007 the Banco Security, a bank located in the heart of Santiago, is attacked.  The carabineros put the area of the bank under siege in order to stop the robbers. In this context a motorbike is stopped triggering a gunfight and the death of Luis Moyano, a carabineros, while another policeman is injured.
The manhunt in the centre of Santiago turns into revenge. The intelligence of the Department of the Carabineros rapidly examines the plotting of the attack, the characteristics of the perpetrators, the weapons they used and the way they escaped; and it concludes that the perpetrators are the ex-members of a subversive group.
The news spread rapidly thanks to a powerful media campaign, including statements from the widow and children of Moyano. The memory of the dead policeman is being officially honoured and the threats against the perpetrators of the attack spread without mincing words.
Within a month one of the alleged perpetrators of the robbery gets arrested. Three days later the names and pictures of the alleged members of the group are made public. This evidence, built by power for its own sake, is sanctioned as truth before society.

The faces of Freddy Fuentevilla, John Aliste, Marcelo Villarroel and Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo are showed and analysed by the press, which report about biometric experts and high level criminological analysis.
Police give a telephone number for anyone who has information about any suspect movements or presence of the already condemned persons. The press spread the message, which is very clear: we want them dead.
The homes of the comrades and their relatives are raided. But there’s no trace of them, and in spite of the fact that police intensify the search they can’t manage to arrest anyone. The threat made by power is firm: the comrades won’t be left alive if they are found.
Warrant of Arrest: against whom?
‘We’ve pondered the weight of our choices and we don’t intend to soften our decisions’
Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire
The list of names and photographs of the perpetrators of the assault on the banks, made public by the spokespersons of power, is meant to strengthen the image of the ‘ex-subversive delinquents’. Any reason for struggle is not mentioned, with the intent of politically isolating the comrades and making them outcasts in all milieus of struggle.
However, not only have the comrades a past in the struggle, but also a present and certainly a future. The 4 charged with attacking the bank are active rebels and have continued to struggle during the passage to democracy, regardless of the change from uniforms to fine clothes made by the authority that administers State/Prison/Capital.
Each according to their own individuality, the comrades give their contribution to different struggles. This is the way they described themselves:
– Freddy Fuentevilla: ex MIR member, active autonomous anti-capitalist.
– Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo: lautarino and ex-active militant of Weichafe.
– Juan Aliste: ex-lautarino, active, subversive  and anti-capitalist.
– Marcelo Villarroel: ex-lautarino, subversive, autonomous and libertarian.
Present in a thousand struggles, the comrades go on the run in front of the death threats made by power and the hunt unleashed by the forces of security  with the intent of physically annihilating the comrades and legitimizing the extermination of revolutionaries.
Freddy and Marcelo get arrested on 15th March 2008 in Argentina, following charges of possession of firearms.  Subjected to a mad regime of punishment and isolation, with long periods of solitary confinement and subsequent resistance from their part, they spend a long time without natural or artificial light or the possibility to go to the exercise yard… Thus the Chilean State creates isolation within isolation for security reasons in the Cárcel de Alta Seguridad.
As soon as the comrades serve half of the sentence they are extradited to Chile. In the meantime Juan gets arrested, also in Argentina, on 9th July 2010 and is immediately deported to face the Chilean justice.
Carlos manages to stay on the run until his arrest in Mapuche territory on 28th November 2013.
All these comrades remain faithful to their life choices and to the decision to struggle strengthened by countless experiences of harsh repression, but also of joy and revolt. Their decision to reject the values of power and servitude is not a momentary choice but an uninterrupted continuity.
Judicial labyrinths of bureaucratic annihilation
‘My arrest reveals the fear they have of resistance and their will of annihilating all traces of radical rupture with the system and its punishment. But the struggle continues.’
Jean-Marc Roullian
The collaboration between the Chilean and Argentinian States for the capture of Freddy, Marcelo and Juan reminds us of the anti-insurrectional plan known as Operation Condor, carried out by Latin-American dictatorships.
Once Freddy and Marcelo are inside the Chilean jails, the judicial process begins in the military court with the presence of infamous prosecutor Reveco, a well-known accomplice of torturers and legal lynching at the time of the dictatorship.   On his arrival in Chile, comrade Juan is also involved in the same case as Freddy and Marcelo, all the comrades being prosecuted by the military court.
Juan, Freddy and Marcelo are imprisoned in 3 different wings of the maximum security prison, under constant restrictions by the prison administration, continuous raids in their cells and harassment on their families and comrades.
In 2010, following protests and hunger strikes of Mapuche political prisoners the civil jurisdiction related to military courts is modified. As a result, the trial for the ‘Caso Security’ is transferred to a normal court, with new dates, judges and rules.
This hadn’t been contemplated by power and dominion, which so far have carried out and encouraged the physical annihilation of the comrades.
After the comrades’ arrest, the bullets in the cops’ guns have remained ready to be fired on other revolutionaries, but not to avenge their fellow Moyano …. a quite embarrassing fact to them. If the comrades haven’t been physically exterminated according to the usual brutality, it is because they have to be buried under investigations, judicial absurdities and asphyxiating and senseless procedures.
In this context a legal/juridical scenario continually changing its rules develops. Juan, Marcelo and Freddy have endured the longest preventive detention in Chile, with over 4 years in prison without any formal conviction. In the meantime the prosecutors have cancelled the ‘preparation to the trial’ on two occasions and managed to postpone it indefinitely.
We are not arguing that there are just rules in the law, we are highlighting how power is brutal and intentioned to push the comrades into oblivion and in the traps and labyrinths of the judicial pantomime.
As the trial is being performed, on 28th November 2013 comrade Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo – until then a clandestine – gets arrested. He’s taken to the Maximum Security Unit of the Cárcel de Alta Seguridad and put in solitary confinement. His trial is independent and at the same time parallel to that of Marcelo and Freddy. So comrade Carlos is still under investigation, in preventive detention and there’s no date yet for his trial.
Once all the tricks of the big show have been set up in order to impose the truth of the powerful, the date is also set for the sacrifice of the rebels on the altar of democracy.
On 25th March [2014] three miserable judges will decide on the life of our comrades, standing as semi-deities who calculate what portion of life the prisoners must give to punishment.
The judicial trap goes beyond all limits: in case the comrades (Marcelo and Juan are finishing their sentence for participation in guerrilla actions in the nineties) are not condemned for the facts they stand accused, they will be subjected to the arbitrary discretion of the prison-judicial administration, which has to decide if the comrades have to remain in prison and serve their previous sentence or if they can benefit from the rules introduced in 2007.
The weapons of democracy manifest themselves in the demands of the prosecutors:
· For comrade Juan Aliste: life sentence + 20 years for three bank robberies, the murder of Moyano and the alleged attempted murder of another police officer during the gunfight near the Banco Security.
· For comrade Freddy Fuentevilla: life sentence + 15 years for the murder of Moyano, his participation in the gunfight and two bank robberies.
· For comrade Marcelo Villarroel: 18 years for being the perpetrator of two bank robberies.
On the altar of the democratic inquisition
‘… For we have anarchy in our hearts, and you will never be able to put it on trial, no matter how much concrete you will throw on us in order to bury us, or how many prisons you will build for us, or how many years you will sentence us, or how many antiterrorism laws you will ratify in order to make your show more effective… Our anarchy will escape every time.’
Giannis Mihailidis and Nikos Romanos
Trials are the climax of the state monopoly of violence, where the democratic inquisition tries to inflict exemplary punishment. But in the cases of rebels, the role of justice becomes bigger and transforms the trial into political lynching.
Even if the judiciary insists in declaring itself clean and partial, this trial must protect the order of the rich, so this is a political trial. That’s why the evidence and the charges go beyond the mere events of 2007, and strike the comrades in their being subversive.
We are not asking for equality in front of the law or for a ‘fair trial’, but we are trying to unveil the functioning of dominion when it wants to strike anyone who opposes it in a radical way.
From 25th March, therefore, prosecutors, judges and lawyers at the service of power will perform their role, while the Gendarmerie will exaggerate up to ridicule the dispositions of the security theatre and Moyano’s widow will feed the press as best as she can.
They will all defend their position of servants of dominion and we have no doubt on the attitude of our comrades: with their heads held high, no repent on their choices and with the extraordinary strength of those who not surrender.
It is important to understand the key role of a trial, both for power that takes the opportunity to judge and condemn the revolutionaries, and for us, its eternal enemies, who take the challenge to re-launch conflictuality to a point of no return. Our solidarity response is determined as we are aware of the on-going war.
The hidden role of the judicial farce, regardless of a single sentence inflicted on someone, is to cut and destroy the spirit of the struggle against the law and power itself.
Therefore, after the judicial process they want to bury the accused, eliminate them with the burden of a sentence and turn them into a mere number inside prison; they want the world outside the bars to forget about them and the prisoners to take obediently the role of convicts given them by society.
Our comrades have never resigned to dominion and have always kept their choice of permanent struggle, beyond all specific circumstances in the rupture with the established order.
They have demonstrated that power can find us, lock us up, erect walls and takes its revenge, but we won’t face all this as victims. Our hands will always try to destroy the bars meant to imprison us…
We won’t delegate to the state our bellicose attitude. The struggle is a way to live till the end, without interruptions.
In a judicial context, some comrades have tried to oppose the ‘truth’ of the powerful through a legal defence, but not to endorse the imposed language: innocents, victims or guilty.
Therefore the strategy of defence is not only meant to avoid or attenuate the kidnapping for life that threatens our comrades, but also to sabotage the clogs of the judiciary truth and to herald the struggle in the streets as a struggle against dominion.
Now more than ever… Word and Action
‘We mean solidarity as the constant growth of our anarchist ideas, in all its forms, so that the enemy realizes that nothing finishes but everything will continue in prison and in the streets. Wherever we are: not one single moment of silence, a life for the struggle.’
Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar
In the face of the imminent trail against our comrades we make an ardent call for the struggle, of raising our voices in the war, a call for a Solidarity Day of International Mobilization from 14th to 25th March 2014.
We invite all the individuals active in the social war to express support and solidarity with the comrades on trial. You know that your solidarity message will be received not only by the comrades but also by the powerful who want them isolated and defeated.
Solidarity in the attack is meant to strike the theatre of justice and bring conflict from the state offices to the streets, where we want our comrades to be, alive, free and rebel.
We won’t be spectators of the lynching of our comrades, nor will we humbly accept any exemplary sentence against them. We wish everyone to take part and be active for total liberation.
Solidarity, common strength and support go beyond the walls and borders, and unite the world with the common language of social war. It only depends on us not to let a warrior alone in the courtrooms of the bourgeois justice. Any action is important and contributes to the struggle against power, any time it sows the seed of solidarity and freedom.
Let’s act, let’s create multiform actions of solidarity, without leaders, each giving their contribution in their realities, any action is important.  Solidarity action generates, extends and strengthens complicity and the weapons and instruments to face power.
This call is addressed to anyone who wants to express solidarity with action, counter-information and autonomous practices of rebellion.
We won’t leave our comrades alone. Our response to the threats made by power is a struggle without truce, till the end, till the destruction of the last bastion of prison society.
Against all forms of power and domination, in the streets, in prison or on the run we will always be in the struggle.
Solidarity and Action from 14th to 25th March 2014, till we see Freddy, Marcelo, Juan and Carlos free in the streets with all those who struggle.
‘Different borders and languages are obstacles that we will eliminate in order to meet side by side and arise against the order of the system and spit contemptuously at all those who are faithful to the law and the choices the law imposes on us.’
Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire
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