Claim for the attack on the 21° police station – $antiago, $hile


Translated by Act for freedonm now!

Claim for the attack on the 21° police station.

Throwing a stone is a crime. Throwing a thousand stones is a political act. Setting fire to a car is a crime. Setting fire to 100 cars is a political act. Protest amounts to saying: I disagree with this and that. Resisting is saying: I will put an end to this and that. Ulrike Meinhof
Last night fire embraced arms raised for the destruction of this miserable society once again. This time we decided to make propaganda, burning a car is propaganda, it is saying we are there, we are continuing without fear, suffering but never defeated. While for us burning cars is propaganda, it is also a direct attack where it hurts them most, private property. In this fucking country private property is more important than human life. We know that the law that condemns Tamara Sol Farias is based primarily on theft, the theft of a firearm.
Even though we knew that the “good citizen” factor could make its appearance this time like Robin Hood and frustrate our arsonist desires and attack, we still took the risk of not giving a shit about them and showing them how vulnerable they are to strong wills and a little gasoline.
Without knowing much about the legal field, stealing can be a more serious crime than the attempt to kill someone!
May this action be a breath of fresh air for the comrades kidnapped in prison and a call for those who are in the streets. Better one small action than a hundred communiqués devoid of action. Words and action! That’s is where we are and always will be and we will never forget our comrades fallen in the struggle. With the last burst of Anger exploded in all the police stations, Punky Mauri, Claudia Lopez, Matias Catrileo, Jony Cariqueo are always by our side. Alpaca, Hermes, Hans, prisoners accused of butting the cop Moyano, the prisoners of the struggle in the streets, José Miguel Sanchez who will soon be released, and our comrade Sol, it’s all to salute your courage and dignity.
For the promotion of a black summer and an even blacker year.
Long live anarchy!
Comrades for the spreading of fire.

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