Bologna, Italy – Report on the trial against ‘Fuoriluogo’


Translated by act for freedom now
In the context of the ‘Outlaw’ trial, on March 3 2014 prosecutor Morena Plazzi made her demands known. For over an hour she reconfirmed her incriminating plot, which one of the comrades’ lawyers brightly defined as ‘incriminating desert’. At the beginning of her closing speech, which the prosecutor seemed particularly pleased with, she exposed her fine theory according to which the defendants would have built a smokescreen, i.e. the struggle against migrants’ detention centres and other struggles carried out by Fuoriluogo, in order to surreptitiously give free vent to their violent impulses and passion for clashing against the police. A pack of jackals exploiting struggles shared by others. Still according to the prosecutors, none of the defendants would abjure violence in their spontaneous declarations to the court, thus demonstrating the validity of the prosecutor’s thesis. As she went on, the lady unashamedly declared that article 270bis didn’t apply to anarchists as it hardly proved successful in court, and therefore the power of attorney thought it more useful to use article 416, i.e. organized crime, which – we quote – ‘doesn’t need demonstrating, but it only needs referring to the atmosphere of fear that [the Fuoriluogo group] has generated’.
With minimum restraint, but really minimum, she acknowledged that there were no grounds to maintain the aggravating circumstance of subversion of the democratic order – and with this she seriously compromised her incriminating  theorem – and therefore some of the defendants could be acquitted. Perhaps she wanted to show she was willing to give up something, given the total lack of evidence proving the prosecution right during the trial, not even for some partial results.
Therefore her demands were: acquittal for seven defendants, 2 years to ten defendants for being members of the criminal association, 3 years and 6 months for three defendants accused of being the founders of the association and 4 years for the comrade considered the leader.
Three defence lawyers gave their closing statements after the prosecutor. On March 17 other defence lawyers will made their statements, which will be concluded on March 31. In the afternoon of March 31 the court will retire in closed session to define the sentence.
Since the beginning the entire operation, which led to the arrest of comrades and the closure of the anarchist place Fuoriluogo, explicitly aimed at eliminating unwanted persons from the city and at giving a strong signal by threatening anyone who wants to struggle without caring about breaking the law. The beginning of this repressive operation was marked by the summit between the then deputy major Cancellieri, Digos officers, the then minister of the interior Maroni and others, who met following the ‘attacks’ on premises of ENI, IBM and Northern League, attacks that were never actually attributed to the defendants. This is the body of power that maintained the validity of the prosecution, which from a judicial point of view is totally groundless.
Not that we are surprised by all this; we are just describing one of the many operations of the ‘ladies and gentlemen of dominion’, one that we had the chance to follow step by step.
Anarchists on trial


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