Solidarity to the prisoners of Koridallos prisons – Athens – Greece


Greek prison inmate shows hellish conditions  video


Translated by Act for freedom now!
Solidarity to the prisoners of Koridallos prisons
 Utopia A.D.  Komotini, North greece 6/3/2014
As of February 17th, 178 fellow prisoners of ours in the “hospital” of the prison Saint Paul are on prison food abstention and are also refusing their pharmaceutical treatment. Later some of them went on to a hunger strike.
Our fellow prisoners with their announcement of the beginning of their struggle expose the nightmarish conditions in this hell hole which the ministry of justice abusively and euphemistically calls a hospital.
As the characteristically write themselves: “all of us suffer from all sorts of illnesses (HIV positive patients, cancer patients, down to a simple pathological incident) are crammed into rooms – SHEDS – STORAGE ROOMS In the dozens, made to tolerate an unprecedented situation for the global medical and humanistic standards which for time now has gone beyond the limits of logic and human tolerance, resulting in our daily physical torture and our psychological rape. Everyday we fight to SURVIVE and prevent the transmission of the pandemic because of the aforementioned illnesses, but unfortunately when, in 30 square metre rooms, you treat 16-18 patients it sounds like a sci-fi scenario and fake every concept of elementary nursing.”
Anyway, the images from the hell hole – “soul storage” published in electronic pages prove the accuracy of what our fellow prisoners are saying and clearly show us what the truth is.
This struggle, concerns every prisoner since anyone of us could need to be hospitalized there during the serving of their sentence.
We stand in solidarity to the struggle of our fellow prisoners in the “hospital” Saint Paul.
We reserve ourselves for stronger reactions if their demands are not satisfied.
This text is signed by:
219 prisoners of the 1st wing,
351 of the 3rd wing,
320 of the 4th wing of Koridallos prisons.
Solidarity to the prisoners of Koridallos hospital.



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