Lecce, southern Italy – Binario 68 Occupato: a new squat.


From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now
 We receive and transmit:
We want it all
Let’s take the city back
As life is becoming miserable day by day and all you can see around you is marginalization and exclusion, the only way out is permanent conflict. The system represses us while letting free abandoned places die out. We want the city to become an open space where being together and spontaneous joy take the place of cameras, cops, movida and tourism.
 That’s why we decided to get us a place – which had been abandoned for years – without asking the institutions for permission or negotiating with the latter: we reject all kinds of authority, take action in our hands and practise self-management from below. Through the practice of squatting we want to express a different way to experience life and human relationships, and to break the logics of profit and abuse.
In this space we want to develop issues of anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian critique, organize struggles regardless of political parties and unions and support a set of self-organized practices that have been developing in the city (popular gym, canteen, cinema, benefit events, workshops, libraries, afterschool activities for kids, etc.) for a while. We want these practices to make the neighbourhood alive through solidarity and mutual aid.
 These are some of the reasons that led us to squat the building, and we are sure that squatting is right at present (as it was in the past).
 Every day: open meeting at 10pm and lunch at 1pm.
Initiatives in the first week:
 Sunday 2nd March
3pm: self-production market
6pm: talk with the squatters of the Casa Occupata Taranto
 Monday 3rd March
6pm, screening of the film They live by J. Carpenter
 Tuesday 4th March
3pm: street art workshop
 Wednesday 5th March
5pm: screening of the documentary Plogoff by Nicole and Felix Le Garrec, followed by the presentation of the dossier Dall’altra parte [On the other side], against the TAP [a massive project for the construction of a gas pipeline in Salento] and its supporters.
 Thursday 6th March
4pm: collective boxing workout
 Friday 7th March
4pm: cycle workshop
 Saturday 8th March
5pm: talk on ‘Independent publishing’
9pm: concert with BARBERA E CHAMPAGNE Oi! From the bloody province of Rome
PAT ATHO folk beat revenge
LA FURIA Rap HC from Rome
SUD DISORDER HC DIY from the province of Taranto
Via birago, 68c- LECCE

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