Italy – Counter-information on paper: issue 4 of eco-anarchist magazine FERNIN is out.


Translated by act for freedom now

Issue 4 of Fenrir is out after a long absence. It is an eco-anarchist publication [in Italian] in support of prisoners and direct action, and of analysis and updating on the anarchist, animal, human and earth liberation struggles all over the world.
80 pages in a A4 format – 3 euro each copy / 2 euro any 5 or more copies.
In this issue:
-If not now, when? Direct and anti-authoritarian actions all over the world.
Direct action against prison in Belgium.
Brazil in revolt against vivisection .
Animal liberation in Italy.
Attack on the dominion of science and multinationals.
-Notes on anarchism and the myth of the proletariat, by S.E.Parker.
-The individual and total liberation.
-Exercises of revolutionary memory: GARI (Internationalist Revolutionary Action Groups)
-Latest news on indigenous resistance.
The Mapuche struggle does not stop.
-Considerations on the minorities’ struggle in Chile. Permanent insurrection against the oblivion, silence and alienation imposed by power, by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras.
-Alfredo’s and Nicola’s declarations to the court.
-Solidarity is complicity.
-Animal and anarchist liberation.
-Letters from the prison.
-Greece: comrades arrested following a double robbery.
A short story of illegality…
-Our days pass by, our nights don’t. Text of the 4 anarchists arrested following the double robbery in Kozani.
-The history of the Palaiokostas brothers, ‘The most wanted social bandits in Greece’.
-A difficult topic.
-What anti-civilization? By Elisa di Bernardo
-So, how to become wild? By Wolfi Landstreicher
-News from the necro-world. Latest news on the research on biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, genetic manipulation and other horrors.
-Solidarity is our weapon. Updates on prisoners and State repression.
-Prisoners’ addresses and latest updates.
-August 23/30 2014: a week dedicated to anarchist prisoners: call for international mobilization.
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Help us to distribute Fenrir. Get in touch if you have a distro or want copies!

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