Athens -Update on the trial for the double robbery in Velvedo Session 6,Session 7.


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Update on the trial for the double robbery in Velvedo
Session 6.
Tuesday 4/3/2014
Three witnesses were examined today. The manager of Agrotiki bank (now A Pireus bank branch), a dentist who the participants in the double robbery found on the way towards Veria and took him with them and a retired employee of the national electricity company, who was an eye witness to the second robbery in the Velvedo post office.
Two out of three, who were eye witnesses to the robberies, testified that they could not identify any of the perpetrators, because they had their faces covered and wore mechanics overalls. The manager of the bank testified that some of the characteristics of one of the perpetrators “resembled” the characteristics of one of the brutally beaten arrestees. Of course, such “simulations” do not even come close to be enough to identify someone. The chairman of the terror court and especially the prosecutor tried to utilize the witness’s testimony about simulation of some characteristics, in order to obtain a statement from him that he identifies the specific comrade as one of the perpetrators of the bank robbery in Velvedo. The witness however was categorical that he cannot identify him and he did not want to accuse an innocent person..
The witness was asked also if there was terror and fear caused to the citizens who were in the bank at the moment. He characterized the behaviour of the perpetrators as flawless, so much towards him and the employees of the bank as well as the customers. The perpetrators even allowed all customers in the bank to leave the building, while the robbery was taking place.
The dentist the perpetrators took along with them, although also got pressured to identify, did not give in and stated that he could not identify anyone. One of the accused comrades however stated that the witness is only telling half of what happened.
To the question of a member of the terror-court, if the the citizens felt terror by this robbery, since it was carried out “by members of the CCF”, the witnesses replied that they felt no fear.
Session 7.
Thursday 13/3/2014
The request of the defence to postpone today’s session, because advocate Sp.Fitrakis was in the Appellate where comrade Ar.Dalios (this comrades case was adjourned for Friday March 21st) was appearing before the prosecutor, was accepted.
The trial continues on Tuesday April 1st.

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