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From Radioazione
Translated by act for freedom now

 This website was created to give news and updates on the judicial-political situation of comrades Alfonso Alvial and Hermes González. The comrades have been jailed since 11th December 2013 following a police operation intervened after an alleged attempt at expropriating a bank in the municipality of Pudahuel. The action was hindered by a vigilante and led to the death of comrade Sebastián Oversluij “Angry” Seguel.
Our goals are clear: spread information on the imprisoned comrades, mobilize for them to be released soon, and call on all the comrades who want to express solidarity with the life of struggle of brother Angry, so that the insurrectionist flame of his heart grows and stays alive.
 Why a website as a means of communication
 We consider propaganda as a further demonstration against power, through different forms, colours and expressions.
With this website we want to silence the voice of the bourgeois press and its miserable work always on the side of the powerful. Its mission is clear: to transform everything according to its convenience so as to create social disease and prevent action from destabilizing the citizen’s peace.
We don’t intend to denounce the judicial frame-up set by the enemy nor do we want to defend the innocence or guilt of our brothers. The law is a road we are not interested in taking. This website comes from the love and closeness between comrades, which our brothers in the struggle have built day by day, and by the need to use these instruments in the current context. As a matter of fact, the internet can be an important instrument for spreading ideas and news on persecuted and imprisoned comrades. This virtual space aims at spreading awareness on other means of counter-information, and to expand active solidarity with comrades imprisoned all over the world.
Furthermore, we want to state that comrades are much more than a particular action. Any name that we are calling out today along with “Presente!”, any prisoner of this social war was arrested for putting their ideas into action. We send them all a warm hug. We are also extremely grateful to the comrades who went on solidarity action all over the world. We thank them heartily.
 We want Alfonso and Hermes free, we embrace them in any action of solidarity and we set to make their situation known and break the isolation imposed on them.
Strength and solidarity with Alfonso Alvial and Hermes González, and with all the prisoners of social war!
 To comrade Tamara Sol Farías Vergara, so that your brave and determined action of solidarity which made the sentence “if they touch one of us, they touch all of us” true, can be replicated.
To brother Angry, always there in any action against the authority and exploitation!
 PS: An e-mail address will be available soon, and you will be able to contact us and give your contribution to the blog with posters, texts and criticism (which we hope will be constructive).

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