Excerpts from the most recent “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” communiqué


Two brief excerpts from the most recent Conspiracy of Cells of Fire communiqué, published after a bomb was set off outside the house of Mimis Androulakis, a turncoat communist – current government MP. The first excerpt explains why Androulakis was targeted, whilst the second one refers to their relationship with (and contains their critique of) the anarchist-antiauthoritarian scene. It is true that after sneering at the potential solidarity movements in their previous communiqués, there is an awkward silence, while at the same time the number of warrants and arrests concerning this case regularly grows.

According to Mimis Androulaki’s bio: …he took part in the antidictatorial struggle and was prosecuted by the junta. He was a member of the Coordination Committee during the November 1973 student uprising in the Polytechnic School. Leading figure of the Left for over 20 years. In 1993 he left the political scene after publishing a book with propositions on how to restructure the center-left political forces. He was elected MP of the PASOK socialist party (currently in power) in 2004 and has written many books…

“Now let’s go back to our main topic; the “sensitive intellectual people” should stop pretending they are surprised and cease uttering humanitarian excerpts from prayer books on the non-use of violence. [The history] of revolution was written and shall be rewritten with conscience and blood, texts and bullets, bombs and imprisonments, struggles and disappointments, noble thoughts and rude actions. Those who speak of unjustifiable revolutionary violence are those who justify the violence in detention centers, prisons, jobs, schools and the army. They are those who explicitly declare every time that “things used to be different in the past”… The ease that left-wing intellectuals talk about the old “fair” violence during the period of Resistance [WW II] and the antidictatorial struggle is due to the fact that only they have the privilege of democracy to have their voices heard. The reason is simple. They are the same people that renounce all kinds of revolutionary violence today, while they have the profile of a fake “militant” past.”


“Lastly we want to clarify something and emphasize something else. Often, in fact in almost all our communiqués, not only do we criticize strongly the institutional and social police, but also the anarchist-antiauthoritarian scene. We have our origins from and (most of us) were active in it; we met friends and enemies there, we organized ourselves and discovered the lack of organization, we laughed and were let down, a scene we never betrayed, although many a time some from its clergy and their supporters “betrayed” us; it is a scene that gave birth to the new urban guerrilla. This is not a hostile statement against anarchy as a whole; in contrary it is a critique of the anarchist ideology, a breach with the slowdown of the alternative-anarchist lifestyle; in a few words: a revolution within the revolution… this is our contribution to the formation of new perspectives and practices, which aims at “hosting” all the comrades that do not fit in the official anarchist ideologies; all those deniers that cannot find their place in the orthodox social behavior, the traditions and the cliques of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian scene. Finally, we want to point out that from now on we will engage intensively in expanding the urban guerrilla tendency. Within this framework we inaugurate the collaboration of our teams: From now on the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the Guerrilla Group of Terrorists will form an alliance in order to promote social challenge. Some Cells will continue collaborating with the Nihilist Faction. We both know that our appeal is addressed to the minority, but it is very substantial. Our priority is to widen our tendency within the radical part of the antiauthoritarian sphere and the “healthy” cycles of law-breakers. The attacks and the fire signals coming from Crete to Thessaloniki, fill us with strength and confirm our conviction that “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

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