Chile – Jornada de Agitaciòn Solidaria Internacionalista [Day of Internationalist Solidarity Unrest]: ATM attacked in Santiago


 Translated by act for freedom now
Text of the claim:
 As judges and prosecutors are about to decide on the lives of our comrades through the dark and sinister labyrinth of exemplary punishment against those who are waging war on the State-capital, we think it is necessary to express concrete solidarity with our comrades, so that the mercenaries and torturers of freedom can fell the weight of the irrepressible revolutionary action along with that of the history of the struggle and the coherence of the comrades accused of storming a bank and killing Luis Moyano in 2007 .
For six years Power and the press have been harassing and insulting the comrades and their families with grandiose tactics, which go even beyond the legality they defend. According to different contexts of persecution and political judgment, the authority has been demonstrating that a cop’s death is an easy excuse to arrest anyone who dedicates his/her life to threatening the inertia of the current citizenist and democratic order.
Within the Jornada de Agitaciòn Solidaria Internacionalista, from March 14 to March 25, our attack is meant as a complicity invitation addressed to those who go beyond theory and brandish the indomitable insurrectionist action in order to enhance our convictions in the face of the horrible walls of the high security prison, where they are trying to annihilate our comrades.
We also intend to remember the names and ideas of all the other imprisoned comrades of the social war in the territory controlled by the Chilean State, and take these ideas in the streets. As we have a revolutionary responsibility in the face of history, our solidarity destroys borders, languages, barriers; and we advance determined and with our fists held high when it comes to defend the comrades imprisoned by other States, as we are aware that the alliance of the powerful doesn’t have borders either.
At the same time, this case and the frame-up behind it must not go unnoticed by those who struggle against authority, as it can be a useful source of experience and analysis. We believe that other struggles ought to be remembered because memory is a weapon. So we remember Johnny Cariqueo and Norma Vergara, who fell in March.
Three months after the death of Sebastian Oversluij following a bank expropriation; a few months after the fifth anniversary of Mauricio Morales’ death, we defend these comrades’ life of struggle against power and its dynamics.
From the bourgeois press:

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