Spain – Anarchist Francisco Solar’s text on the Jornada de Agitaciòn Solidaria Internacionalista [Internationalist Solidarity Unrest Day]


From RadioAzione
Translated (from Italian) by act for freedom now

I receive and transmit the following text written by comrade Francisco Solar, who was arrested in Barcelona along with comrade Monica Caballero. They are accused of committing attacks on churches. Francisco’s text is a contribution to the Jornada de Agitaciòn Solidaria Internacionalista:

To the anti-authoritarian individuals and groups.

This piece of writing is a small contribution to the week of unrest and solidarity with imprisoned anarchists. It is also meant as a means to strengthen links and exchange opinions both inside and outside prison in order of re-affirm our choice of conflict. As said in a previous communiqué, we intend solidarity between anarchists as a fundamental part of our lives for total liberation, as we are far away from concepts such as victimization and mere support, which confuse solidarity with charity; nor do we practice solidarity like a compromise for being good revolutionaries.
Our solidarity is a free choice acquired without any coercion or obligation. It is a personal decision independent from the guidelines of movements and organizations. Being a personal choice, solidarity is practiced by each individual according to his/her perceptions of the conflict, thus paving the way to a vast range of actions and facts directly connected to anarchist practices. It is for anarchist practices that we put solidarity in the foreground, so that it can make us free individuals, become a fundamental part of our revolutionary practices and above all represent a personal motivation that does not respond to anyone apart from ourselves. Therefore solidarity goes across the trajectory of conflict that doesn’t know borders.
In this respect, I recall the words of a friend imprisoned in Chile: ‘borders are there for those who believe in them’. They are not obstacles for us, and we take part in struggles all over the world because we know that power exercise dominion regardless of the limits it imposes; moreover it uses similar mechanisms of punishments, which can be more brutal in some countries.

Today is not for those who surrender or do charity, but for those who struggle and take back their lives.  


Francisco Solar Dominguez

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