Italy – In anticipation of the trial against anarchist comrades Gianluca and Adriano


Translated by act for freedom now

Since October 2013 Gianluca and Adriano have been detained in high surveillance units in the prisons of Alessandria and Ferrara respectively.
 The trial against them will start on 26th March 2014. The comrades were imprisoned because of the usual charges of conspiracy with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, plus other charges of arson, aggravated theft, defacement and damage to property of others: thirteen actions carried out in the Castelli Romani area against banks, a fur coats shop, premises of ENI and ENEL and a waste dump in Albano.
Article 270bis not only involves imprisonment in AS2 units, but it also legitimizes disgusting media campaigns aiming at labelling the comrades as ‘terrorists’. As usual the professionals of lie profusely hide what could be clear to their readers if the latter stopped and thought of the responsibilities that the targets of certain actions have in the devastation, plunder and genocide of entire territories and populations, from the most distant to the closest ones. There’s no bank that is not responsible for the current crisis, not to mention those compromised with the high speed railway project.
ENEL is planning the introduction of third generation nuclear power plants, whereas ENI is devastating lands in Nigeria causing death – scientifically planned – of entire generations that have the misfortune to be born in that country.
As for waste dumps, they have always been a source of profits for cynical entrepreneurs of poison accumulation, and a source of toxic fumes for us, causing disease and death.

To Gianluca and Adriano we want to say what we’ve always been saying: we know who the real and sole responsible for terrorist actions and policies are. 

We express solidarity with anyone who struggles to stop the disdainful war project carried out against the exploited all over the world.
We express solidarity with anyone who idisdainfult carried out against the exploited all over the world. try.  association with pius deprived of their freedom. We’d like to make waste dumps out of penal codes and law courts!
Gianluca and Adriano and all out of jail!

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