Lecce, Italy – Operation Fear ‘explodes’: cops throw explosive device into the courtyard of Binario 68 Squat


By act for freedom now
Paper mache bombs, paper bombs, fake bombs scattered throughout the city; be they real or fake, someone regards these bombs as excellent instruments to spread terror and distrust towards anyone who believes that a better society is possible. Journalists and police are taking the first steps against the squatters of Binario 68, through the instrument of the bomb. They tried it twice in the last days, first with fake bombs and then with a real one, which actually exploded.

At 3:40 am on 18th March most of the squatters are asleep, but some are awake and promptly look out of the window after hearing a loud roar. After a few seconds they realize that an explosive device has just been thrown into the courtyard of the building. They see a cloud of smoke and a police car, the only vehicle in the street, speeding up in the wrong direction on via Birago, a one-way road. Obviously the cops are not running after anyone.
This vile and clearly intimidating act is only the culmination of a set of events, aiming at criminalizing and destroying the will of self-management of one’s life, spaces and desires in opposition to the rules imposed by the current system. Repression and annihilation loom over to those who don’t want to adapt!
Power doesn’t make concessions, nor does it tolerate a reality that is trying to promote aggregation through solidarity and sharing. A library available to anyone, a film that can be seen without paying the ticket, exchange of ideas and practices in horizontal meetings, having our meals all together: these are the things we recognize ourselves in, whereas they can’t find a place in the capitalist world.
A part of this power is run and therefore manipulated by newspapers and the mass-media. In the Quotidiano di Lecce of 16th March we read an article expressing the words of Digos and judges and speculating on possible charges against the ‘antagonists’. In particular, they link fake bombs made of paper mache – which were actually fabricated to advertise a party in a Lecce venue – with the eleventh anniversary of the murder of Davide Cesare ‘Dax’, killed by fascist hands.
There have been a number of episodes aimed at intimidating both those who live in the squat and those who decide to take part in its activities: road blocks, continuous police stop-and-searches, police shadowing are all part of a strategy set up against anyone who wants to create a space free from the logics of profit and exploitation.
We are aware of the consequences of our choices, and we hope this place will become even more alive and active with those who share our needs and practices of struggle.
Repression doesn’t surprise us, nor will it stop us!

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