Greece: The nationwide mobilization in greek prisons has started today (Monday, 24/03/2014)



The nationwide mobilization in greek prisons against the new reform bill concerning the creation of type C prison facilities has started today. The first step of the mobilization is the afternoon protest, during which the prisoners remain outside their cells. The first prisons that joined the mobilization today are the prisons of Korydallos, Corfu and Domokos.
These days the bill of Ministry of Justice regarding the maximum security prisons and cutting of permits is put to public consultation. The first measurements of the bill have already been publicated.
1) Special classification of prisoners into 3 types (A,B,C). The special type C will include all prisoners accused of robbery or extortion as part of a criminal organization, political prisoners, all those characterized as dangerous and have been sentenced from 10 years of imprisonment up to life and those who rebel inside the prisons.
2) Type C detainees are denied the right to take a leave and their visiting and telephone contacts are limited.
3) Special type C cells will be formed (not only in Domokos but in other prisons as well) in order prisoners to be isolated.
4) The police now acquires permanent place inside the prisons (cell checking, prisoners’ transportation inside the prison etc.)  with secret duties and authority which are not even mentioned in the Government’s Gazette.
Translated by Inter Arma

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