About February 12th 2012 -Athens – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!

_58469679_fireAbout February 12th 2012

It was unthinkable that night, somewhere amidst the thousands of bodies, smoke and shouts, for someone to believe that there would be no continuation. The night of February 12th 2012 was not a night like any other. And let loads to be meant. The clashes that for many hours took place in the streets of Athens might not have been capable to prevent the voting of that new loan convention (2nd memorandum), proved however that the social resistances were terrifyingly present. On this absolute presence prospects were born and possibilities were revealed. On it, however, was systematized oppression itself, by a dominance which caught itself shocked in front of the size and quality of the outburst. The field which was opened wide that night was occupied, therefore, immediately the mechanisms of anti-insurrection, leaving us even to today with the duty to invent new ways to re-occupy it.
However, the 12th of February did not only leave a social deposit, until today untapped, which for the moment causes an awkward and melancholic contemplation. It also left some open legal battles. On April 2nd 2014, the 4 people which were arrested that day, and later detained punished as an example as only some of those hundreds of thousands of exponents of the justified social rage (among them also anarchist Vaggelis Kailoglou) re-enter the door-step of the court room.
Because we do not forget those months they lived without freedom and the oppressive counter-attack planned on their backs, we will be there to re-express our solidarity. We do not forget that its them who were punished not only for what happened that night but also the possibilities it created.
Just like then, thus today we state that we are accomplices.
Solidarity to comrade Vaggelis Kailoglou
and all those who are accused in the same case.
Trial: April 2nd 2014, 9.00am
Appellate court (Loukareos street) Athens
ps: A big flame hag to Our best friend and comrade Vageli Kailoglou
and all those who are accused in the same case
Comrades from Act for freedom now!

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