Chile : A change in the charges against the comrade Tamara Sol Farias Vergara


 Published in Publicacion Refractario.]
Translated from non-fides,fr by act for freedom now!
We remember that the comrade Sol was arrested on January 21, 2014, accused of shooting a guard of the Banco Estado, in the area of Estación Central ( Santiago). In the same bank, but at another branch, the comrade Sebastian Oversluij was riddled with bullets during an attempted expropriation.
When she was arrested, she was accused of “robbery” by the judicial machinery, so the prosecutors focused on the revolver allegedly snatched from the guard by the comrade Sol. Today March 14 , the prosecutor Ninoska Mosnich decided to accuse her of “attempted aggravated homicide.”
This change in the charge against Sol is a “benefit” because the number of years she could be sentenced to is shorter, even if it starts at 5 years and a day.
Currently, the comrade is in custody in the extermination centre of San Miguel.
Unstoppable solidarity with Sol !
Let’s defend the multifaceted actions that achieve confrontation with the existent !

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