Chile – Demo outside the court and the prison in solidarity with imprisoned comrades


 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now


Anti-prison propaganda and mobilization outside the prison in solidarity with the prisoners of ‘Caso Security’
15th March 2014
In the context of the Day of Unrest and Solidarity we decided to make a simple and direct act so that the guards watching our brothers have no doubts. Even if we understand that the judicial mafia is the perpetrator of the lynching, we thought it important to demonstrate outside the prison, which is the same building hosting (in)justice courts, the maximum security prison, the Ex-Penitenciaria and the prison/enterprise Santiago 1. We gave out about10,000 leaflets, thus showing we don’t forget about those who make their job out of torture and kidnapping.
As our imprisoned comrades are hostages of the State, it is important that the guards know about us so that they don’t attack or harass our prisoners. Rebellion and dignity overcome any bars and orders.
Let’s increase solidarity in anticipation of the trial against Freddy, Marcelo and Juan!
We won’t let comrade Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo alone!
All revolutionary prisoners out of the jails of democracy!

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