Bologna, Italy – ‘Operation Outlaw’ against Fuoriluogo: all comrades acquitted!


Translated by act for freedom now
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In the afternoon of Monday March 31 the court of Bologna pronounced the sentence on 21 comrades on trial since 2011 for organized crime with purposes of terrorism. We were all acquitted.
In April 2011, following the repressive operation called ‘Outlaw’, the anarchist place Furoiluogo on Via San Vitale 80 was closed down, 5 comrades were arrested and 7 banned from the city with prohibition of residence. There followed 3 years of police harassment with the obvious and stated attempt of denying us any space of viability in this city.
Today, after the sentence of which many people were waiting for the result in the piazza, we took back a space, which was also taken away from the comrades 15 years ago. It is the premises of an anarchist circled named after Carlo Cafiero, which hosted the Libreria Circolante [circulating library]. In the mid-sixties it had been rented by Libero Fantazzini and other anarchist comrades. The council of Bologna rented it at a low price in order to compensate for the historical premises of Porta Galliera, closed down during the fascist regime. The place, known as Laboratorio Anarchico Paglietta, was seized in June 1999 and subsequently closed down with bricks and concrete following an investigation leading to the imprisonment of two comrades. For over thirty years it had been used by anarchist groups and individuals and animated with activities, meetings and sharing of life. As often happens, the judicial procedure ended in nothing, but the place remained walled up and inaccessible, and a piece of history of the city also ended with it.
On the day of the sentence we took back a place that had been taken away from the pleasure and need of using it; a space where to meet, discuss and find the way to effectively oppose a system that oppresses, starves people, devastates the environment and demeans life; a place where to continue to struggle for a world completely different form this one.
Bologna, 31st March 2014
                        Happily delinquent anarchists

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