Counter-information bulletin – February 2014


From: inter arma

France: Attack with paint bombs against the central offices of Thales company (involved in war industry and control systems) in Lil by Chicken-like Terrorist Commando.
U.S.A.: Brian Vaillancourt was sentenced in 9 years of imprisonment for attempted arson against a McDonalds, in Chicago. He was arrested on 09/02/2013.
Chile: Police car torched near the 21st police precinct of Santiago.
New Zealand: KFC restaurant torched in Upper Hill area by ALF.
France: Vehicle owned by Orange company was torched in Paris.
U.S.A.: Office of Oakland police attacked in Fruitvale.
Chile: Fiery barricade in memory of Sebastian, in front of the 26th police precinct of Pudahuel by the Incendiary Cell Sebastián Oversluij.

Italy: Incendiary attack against a surveillance court in Trento.
Germany: Attempted arson at hotel construction site  in Berlin by ELF.
U.S.A.: Demonstration in solidarity with Carlos Lopez at the Mexican consulate, in Seattle.
United Kingdom: Incendiary attack against 3 vehicles owned by Royal Marine Reserve in Bristol by Mutiny Group of FAI.
Greece: Intervention with posters in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis in Komotini by Anarchist Squat Utopia A.D.
France: Vehicle owned by Spie company was torched in Paris.
Chile: Intervention in solidarity with Chilean anarchist prisoners, outside the maximum security prison of Santiago.
United Kingdom: Chickens liberated from a factory farm, in West Midlands by ALF.
Peru: Pigeons liberated by ALF. With this action the ALF declares its resurrection in Peru.
Turkey: Excavator torched in Istanbul by ELF-FAI/IRF.
U.S.A.: Tractors sabotaged in Atlanta.
Greece: Intervention with anarchist slogans in Lesvos.
Italy: 32 ΑΤΜs of San Paolo bank sabotaged in Turin.
Brazil: 10 police vehicles burned inside the Military Police barracks in Porto Alegre.
Chile: Comrade José Miguel Sanchez Jimenez was released from prison, after 20 years in captivity.
Finland: Fur shop vandalized by ALF. This action marks the re-emerge of ALF in Finland.
 Other news:
Mexico: After the passing of the 40-day arraigo (17/02) the cops didn’t manage to get more evidence about the charges of terrorism against Carlos López, Amelie Pillierst and Fallon Poisson. The comrades are now held for causing damages and attacking public peace.
U.S.A.: Kevin Johnson (Olliff) was transferred in Vandalia prison, in Illinois, where he will serve his sentence (2,5 years).
Greece: During the 36th session of the ongoing trial of CCF, the comrades attacked the prosecution’s witness and prosecutor himself V. Foukas, who had an offending attitude towards the during the trial.
Italy: In the early hours of Tuesday February 25, special forces of Italian police (R.I.S.), raided the houses of 10 comrades in Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Campania, executing a warrant issued by prosecutor Federico Manotti in Genoa. The comrades were put under investigation and are accused of being the perpetrators of the attack on the R.I.S carabinieri barracks of Parma on 24th October 2005, for two attacks on carabinieri barracks in Genoa occurred in 2005, the parcel bomb sent to the former mayor of Bologna Sergio Cofferati and the arson on a Red Cross vehicle. In the context of this operation one person was arrested for reasons unrelated to the investigation. (Comrades’ text about the invasions)
Chile: The trial for the comrades Juan Aliste Vega, Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel, accused in the so-called “Security” Case, has been set on 25th of March (2014). Groups, publication and counter-information projects issued an international call for a week of solidarity actions from 14 till 25 March.
Mexico: International call in solidarity with Mexican anarchists, which are targeted by the state’s repression apparatus.
United Kingdom: “Gross Misconduct and the Guerilla Massive”, pamphlet by Dark Matter Editions with poems and thoughts on anti-socialism, anti-civilization, anarcho-nihilism and individualism.
Spain: “1982 – 1984: La Epidemia Terrorista”, pamphlet about anarchist terrorism with the declarations of Emile Henry and Ravachol, published by Círculo Anárquico Villa Española project.
Chile: “For a beautiful morning…. There is a whole world to tear down”, special publication from Refractario zine, about Adinolfi case and comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai.
France: “Et notre haine rit…”, a collection of writings by Renzo Novatore in French, published by Ravage Editions.
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