Switzerland – A letter from Andi Stauffacher: solidarity is our weapon!


From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now
 We receive and transmit – Italian translation by Marco Camenisch:
 If they jail you for what you are, then after you spend time in prison you know even better why and against what you are struggling, and consequently who you are. My early release is due on 21/4/2014, and I’ll be on bail for one year. They are not making any concession because ‘it can’t be verified if explosives are being concealed’.
It seems nothing has changed in my legal situation, and even the special Easter permit won’t be granted as my release is imminent. During the Easter weekend there will be just two people in this wing, me and a homeless migrant without documents.
Constant solidarity during my period of detention made it possible for me to go on the counter-attack: of being outside as much as possible with oral interventions and other contributions, to make hunger and work strikes and build/develop a rich international communication with many political prisoners, comrades in solidarity and other realities. Since the very first day of imprisonment it hasn’t been intimidation but a strong, rebel, loving presence of solidarity that made my time here.
Gatherings/demos outside prison, with or without music, as well as the many letters from all over the world: all this created a strong, rebel and loving context. All my gratitude to you all, who took part to my ‘going on the counter-attack’ – see you on May 1 at the latest.
Let’s go on the counter-attack – let’s put capitalism on trial – let’s make solidarity a weapon
Winterthur, 7/4/2014

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