Italy – Letter from anarchist prisoner Claudio from the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara


 From macerie via
Translated by act for freedom now
Prison of Ferrara, 1st April 2014
 I’m pissed off, not a bit but quit a lot. Let’s say I’m very much pissed off. Just an hour ago I attended my trial in video conference. A real farce, humiliating in some ways. I can’t deny I’ve been waiting for the day for a long time. As life inside here is monotonous, it’s easy to understand that one relies on this kind of deadlines. I’m counting the days, I must admit. The hearing is due in a month. In a week, 2 days, 1 day. I haven’t slept last night. I was upset. At 3am I started reading ‘Long John Silver: The true and Eventful History of My Life of Liberty and Adventure’. As a result, this morning I had big bags under my eyes.
 I tried my best to get myself a decent face. At least for the comrades to know I was well. Perhaps I knew it would be a disappointment but I wanted to hope that something would happen. Then at around 9:20am the inspector came to pick me up. I said to myself: ‘I’m not going to travel to Turin, but I’m going to see another area of the jail’. The video conference room was about 20 metres away from the unit. First I was put in a safety room. I realized that the prison is provided with well-tended little gardens with trees, don’t know what kind of trees, but the wind was moving their leaves. Yes, there are already leaves, the spring came early this year. Then I was taken to the room. It was an ordinary room with two desks. The one was occupied by the inspector and the other one by me.

I had a nice LCD television set and a little camera on top of it. Well, I looked decent enough on TV. As soon I’m on video I send warm greetings to the comrades. I had thought on what to do and say. I greet them with my fist held high because I like it this way. Then I look at the courtroom, the camera is filming the judge only. I feel so stupid, I’ve just greeted the judge. I’d have wanted to show a big smile but as I’m being seen by the judge only I’ll be a serious prisoner. On the TV screen I can see myself in a little window, then the courtroom, 10 seconds the judge and 10 seconds the comrades, the lawyers and the public prosecutor (who really looks like an ugly woman). The courtroom is big and practically empty. I try to recognize the comrades as the video definition is not very good. These bloody cameras don’t work properly only when they have to. Fuck them […]
 I’m so angry. I know that everyone want to give me strength but I’m sitting here like a stupid in this fucking jail. Fuck off the prison administration, the jail, the judges, them all.
 The inspector says that we’re done and we’re going back to the unit. I move a curtain to look outside; he sees me and says he can allow me to look on the other side too, if I wish. No thanks. We pass by the infirmary where I see a social prisoner. I say hi to him. Here I’m again inside my 4 solitary walls. Another search. It’s all right now. The show is over today.




To write to the comrade:

Claudio Alberto

Casa Circondariale

Via Arginone, 327

44122 Ferrara


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