POSTER FROM: squat rozanera in xania,Grete about the state murder of Ilia Kareli – Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!



“To the service of Manadrinou prisons

 You have kept me here in prison for so long for no reason. So many years just for petty theft, without having killed someone. Why? Why wouldn’t you let me go home and see my mother alive? Why?

Why did not let me have a family? Why? Im inside since 1997 and i have not enjoyed my life.

Up to now i have served a life sentence plus 4 years counting my working days.

The mistake i made does not mean i deserve so many years and yet you still keep me… Why? Why? Now i have to take a life from you… Because you took my whole life… Why? Why? “


(The bloodsoaked letter left by Ilia Kareli)

The “correctional” system stinks of torture and death. It is one more of the states revenge mechanisms, Ilir Karelli was one more reciever of the terror of prison incarceration, which led him to the murder of his torturer…

  (Ilir was found dead in a cell in Nigrita prisons on 27/3/2014, after a vicious torturing of revenge he recieved by human-guards 2 days after the murder of his torturer G.Tsironis)

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