Alessandria prison, Italy – A contribution from anarchist comrade Gianluca Iacovacci


Translated by act for freedom now
 My will and ideas are certainly stronger than all the oppression inflicted by democracy, and by all authorities, against the individuals who don’t conform to the order of the masses.
 Authority is precisely the pin that holds all principles of exploitation, control and dominion; and I omit all the ‘isms’ of the case that are simply derivatives of the conditions in which the masses are submitting to their own counterpart.
 Prison is certainly the apex of the many measures of domestication adopted by dominant Humans and the State; neither death nor the worst living conditions in ‘poverty’ – if we can call it life – can be compared to the abyss of imprisonment.
 Sometimes I feel overwhelmed as I have to try to control myself in the face of the merry normality of the jailers kidnapping me. Their chatting on football, their reading of supermarket leaflets, their hysterical laughers and annoying search for dialogue and answer to their ‘good morning’, their sad lives.    To me money is one of the harmfulness created by Man. I’ve never wanted economic equality or popular consensus; but as I sense the apathy of alienated society I feel like being on the other side of a trench while on the other side they are happily dancing mazurka…
 I’m sure that the paradoxical normality I’m compelled to face is justified by the normality reigning outside these walls, in the acknowledgment that society gives to prisons, to the practice of locking up one’s fellows, to the State and to everything that is necessary to maintain social order, a power or government of the day that many consider inevitable.
 These zoos for humans or concentration camps – I’d rather call them this way – are functional to the maintenance of the social and political status quo. We are fed twice a day; as the food trolley passes by, its shaking noise is like a fork thrown at the bowl normally used for pet dogs and cats; and then they ‘walk’ us out like the pet dogs they probably have at home. Surely these places mark you psychologically and physically beyond the time you spend inside.  I can’t eat the good produces I used to cultivate in my garden, and have to content myself with the delicious crap, tasteless and deprived of nourishment, offered by the house; but at least I always try to keep fit in my body and mind.
 Besides the DNA database there is now forced labour for ‘social’ prisoners: cleaning roads, highways and rail-tracks and producing more motivations for the breeding of Humans in captivity. Some might find my words and images abnormal but this is the crude reality of what make us paradoxically similar to other animals exploited and imprisoned for others’ consumption.
 We can well undertake a thousand struggles but we must free ourselves from one single cage, be it real or social. Those who think they are superior or more important to other living beings or other forms of struggle simply justify submission, the practice of locking up living beings in a cage and the control of others considered inferior and therefore to be submitted to their ideological will.
 The comrades who are close to me and to all other prisoners in their different ideas and actions make me feel I’m not alone, and in spite of the restrictions on my freedom they encourage me to continue the struggle against the existent that is poisoning the earth. Rehabilitation methods and reintegration into society are meaningless. We don’t want to know anything about big or little works that companies are undertaking in the name of progress, nor do we want to know what they are doing for the government… I’ve got already anything I need to sabotage them.
 For the actions of liberation of the earth and all living beings from techno-industrial dominion!
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 Gianluca Iacovacci
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