Italy – In anticipation of the 26th May trial against anarchist comrades Gianluca and Adriano


Translated by act for freedom now
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 Solidarity with Gianluca and Adriano is developing in anticipation of the first hearing due on 26th May in Rome.
Below are the leaflet calling for a solidarity gathering outside the Court of the Assizes and the cards drawn by Gianluca in prison.

 To get more copies write to, marking ‘Cartoline per Gianluca ed Adriano’ in the object box.
 To write to the comrades:
Adriano Antonacci
C. C.
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
 Gianluca Iacovacci
Via Casale 50/A
15122 San Michele (AL)
 In anticipation of the 26th May trial in Rome against Gianluca and Adriano
 Gianluca and Adriano, kids from Castelli Romani, anarchists, were arrested on 19th September 2013.
 A police operation, coordinated by prosecutor Giancarlo Capaldo of the antiterrorism squad and by General Mario Parente chief of the ROS, individuated them as the perpetrators of a string of actions carried out in the province of Rome: thirteen actions of sabotage against banks, a fur coats shop, premises of ENI and ENEL and the landfill of Roncigliano.
 They were charged with association with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, arson, aggravated theft and disfigurement and daubing of private property.
Since the day they were sent down to jail Gianluca and Adriano have been held in solitary confinement: the former in Alessandria and the latter in Ferrara, inside the special units where women and men guilty of their ideas are imprisoned.
During the preliminary hearing that took place on 26th March Gianluca and Adriano were remanded in custody; on the occasion investigating judge D’Alessandro took the responsibility for ordering the comrades to attend trial via video link: the decision is allegedly due to an official note by the Director General of the Prison Service, which demands the measure as containment of the ‘most dangerous’ prisoners and which was adopted following the escape of Domenico Cutrì during a judicial transfer. Attending trials via video link actually increases the condition of isolation of prisoners, and further demonizes and dehumanizes them.
The first hearing of the abbreviate trial procedure will be held on 26th May at the Court of the Assizes in Rome, when the prosecutor will present his request for sentence.
 Let’s express our solidarity and closeness with Gianluca and Adriano with determination, as we know that the case against them concerns all those who act in the first person while expressing and practising their ideas of freedom and equality, without distinctions, in the respect of all forms of life.
 On that day too Gianluca and Adriano won’t be left alone.
 On 26th May, at the Court of Assizes in Rome, on the side of Gianluca and Adriano.
 Comrades from Rome

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