Mexico – Interview with Anarchist Black Cross, Mexico


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Translated by act for freedom now

 This is the first of a three-part interview with the Anarchist Black Cross, Mexico, on the repressive situation in Mexico City, particularly since 1st December 2012, when PRI – a party that had governed the country for over 70 years – came back to power. Repression is striking various sectors of the social movement, in particular anarchists, which the illegitimate government is cunningly presenting as a scare.
 In this first audio recording the comrades talk about their contribution to the struggle 10 years after the Mexican Anarchist Black Cross was born. They briefly describe how the current-state nation was formed in Mexico, born from the ashes of a betrayed revolution, and how its identity depends upon the structure of the one party that has been in power till 2000.
 They talk about the huge police operation unleashed on 1st December 2012, a precedent that was to mark later repressive operations till the present day: the tactic of encapsulation, arbitrary arrests, the media stigmatization of sectors of the movement…

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