Switzerland – Update on anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch: provocation and transfer


Translated by for act for freedom now
Recently (from 15th to 20th May) Marco Camenisch was put in the bunker cell in the prison of Lenzburg (Switzerland) in solitary confinement after refusing to do yet another urine test; yet another provocation
. Soon he will be transferred to another prison in the Zugo Canton. It’s not known yet whether the transfer is in retaliation for Marco’s refusing to do a urine test or whether it had already been planned by the Amt fur Justizvollzug (Office for Execution Penalties and Measures) of Zurich.
Marco’s release date is 8.5.2018. He is still being refused early release on the grounds of his alleged ‘chronic violence’ associated with delinquent vision that he would have of the world.
This is the address we have at the moment: Marco Camenisch Strafanstalt Bostadel Postfach 38, CH-6313 Menzingen, Schweiz Tel. +41 41 757 1919, Fax +41 41 757 1900
Updates to follow

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