Chile – Some words by Javier as a contribution to an open discussion


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Chile: Javier out of jail too!
Note of RadioAzione: just one clarification before publishing the following text. Anarchist solidarity is not Telethon! So it doesn’t need thanks.
Today a hearing was held to revise the custody order for two people still in prison following the events of 29th March in the La Victoria area. Miguel, accused of a molotov attack on a Transantiago bus and Javier, accused of a molotov attack on a police patrol, claimed responsibility for the actions and accepted a summary trial.
The sentence pronounced by the tenth warranty tribunal was release on probation for both comrades for the next 541 days, less the 45 days they spent in prison. Javier and Miguel will leave Santiago 1 prison in the afternoon where they have been held for a month and a half and can go back to their friends. Probably the lawyers of the Intendencia of Santiago, who were not satisfied with the warranty judge’s decision, will appeal the sentence.
We appreciate the fact that solidarity was expressed with a fundraising campaign and many actions claimed in solidarity with our comrades. We intend multiform solidarity as a fundamental part of the struggle. It filled us with joy and we are glad to have had the support of so many people in so many different ways. Let’s continue to show solidarity with Javier, Paz, Chrystal and their families. We are happy about our brother and sisters’ release but remain aware that neither this case nor the struggle against all forms of authority end with the release of our comrades. Against this prison society! Paz, Javier and Chrystal present! Group of Solidarity with the comrades arrested on March 29.


21/05/2014 The following was written by Javier in Santiago 1 prison before he was granted bail: I’m writing in the context of the open discussion promoted by autonomous and antiauthoritarian groups in La Victoria. Although lack of organization was our greatest mistake, for us it’s not a game, we knew who we were clashing with, we know the trench that we believe in.
Accepting your opinion, I want to make a few points clear. Like you I’m also a resident of the Old Town of La Victoria, I know its history, and I can also speak on behalf of Paz and Chrystal, who are not from there. Is it right to close the door on those who want to belong to the history of the rebel population? As a small boy I used to walk in the streets of our city, looking at every angle, happy about every space conquered by rebellion, which my grandparents and parents defended.
We are not playing at war, we are at war; our actions are not a game, they have a libertarian character..
Fraternal greetings and thank you for your solidarity.
Libertarian greetings and hugs
Javier Sepulveda Q. Santiago 1 – Module
34 04/23/14

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