Italy – Trial against anarchist comrades Gianluca and Adriano postponed to 4th July


8 months after the arrest of Gianluca and Adriano, anarchists from Castelli Romani, the first hearing of their trial was to be held on 26th May. The comrades are accused of terrorist association with purposes of terrorism, arson, aggravated theft, defacement and daubing of others’ property.
 The charges refer to a string of sabotages on banks, a fur coats shop, premises of ENI and ENEL and the landfill in Roncigliano that took place in the Castelli Romani area.
 During the first hearing the judge reconfirmed the request made by prosecutor Minisci (the same prosecutor in the trial for the facts of 15th October 2011) concerning the use of video-linking in the trial.
 A solidarity gathering had been planned in solidarity with  Gianluca and Adriano, imprisoned under high security regime in the prisons of Alessandria and Ferrara respectively, and against the adoption of the video-link measure, yet another instrument aiming at further isolating, demonizing and dehumanizing prisoners.
 The hearing didn’t take place owing to technicalities concerning the designation of Gianluca’s defence lawyer, and was therefore postponed to 4th July.
 As soon as news of the postponement became known, a spontaneous march was improvised inside the tribunal, slogans were chanted and leaflets in solidarity with prisoners and against the video-link measure were thrown all around.
 Even if for a few minutes only, in the corridors of the tribunal on Piazzale Clodio, the echo of solidarity voices resounded for Gianluca and Adriano reconfirming that those who struggle are never alone, and no instrument, even that of the video-link, can ever break up solidarity among rebels.
 Once again we repeated that terrorists are those who plunder the earth, exploit and oppress all forms of life.
 Solidarity with Gianluca and Adriano!
 No video-link!

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