Italy- Radio transmission in solidarity with anarchist comrades Adriano and Gianluca towards the trial of 26th May


From rete-evasioni
Translated by act for freedom now
This radio transmission was recorded to revise the events concerning Gianluca and Adriano, kids from Castelli Romani, anarchists, arrested on 19th September 2013 and accused of being the perpetrators of various actions carried out in the province of Rome: thirteen sabotages on banks, a fur coats shop, premises of ENI and ENEL and the landfill of Roncigliano.
They are being charged with association with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, besides charges of aggravated theft, defacement and daubing of others’ property.
The transmission will also offer a personal contribution from Gianluca and bits of a communiqué that Adriano had written near the time of the preliminary hearing of 26th March: in both cases we respected the will to give voice to what the two comrades wanted to express.
 The first hearing of the trial will be held on 26th May in Rome, and the prosecutor will present his requests concerning the sentence. The trial will make use of video linking for the defendants.  A gathering will be held outside the Court of the Assizes in Rome in solidarity with the comrades and against the use of video-linking.
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