Turin, Italy – Initiatives and actions in solidarity with the comrades raided and arrested on 3rd June


From informa-azione.info
Translated by act for freedom now
ROME – 3rd June About 300 comrades expressed solidarity with the comrades hit by repression in Turin. A wild noisy march blocked part of the ‘quadrante est’ in Rome for a few hours. From Turin to Rome, not a step back!
Accomplices in solidarity (A) Freedom for all
MILAN – 3rd June In the late afternoon about sixty people in solidarity gathered in Piazzale Cadorna, opposite the railway station, talked with the microphone, distributed leaflets and unfurled banners reading: ‘Hands off the struggle for a home’, ‘Solidarity with the comrades of Turin’, ‘From Turin to Rome, let’s squat houses and defend them.
  TURIN – 3rd June After a meeting held at Asilo Occupato, a spontaneous march set off in the streets of the neighbourhood: solidarity graffiti was sprayed around, also on banks, and a number of ATMs were put out of order.
From macerie: After a busy meeting at Asilo Occupato in Turin, we decided to set off on a march through the streets of Aurora. In the pouring rain, about a hundred people chanted for the freeing of the arrested comrades. Residents showed solidarity from windows, bars and street corners, agreeing that the only strangers in our neighbourhoods are the cops. After all everyone knows what being evicted means in this neighbourhood; and many no longer experience it as a personal disgrace, but they resist together, postponement after postponement; and they know what it’s like living under the blackmail of a residency permit, which many don’t have, and the constant threat of a police raid.

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