Responsibility claim of Anarchist cell of action – Thessaloniki


Translated by Act for freedom now!
“Days are prisons, when the torturers move in”
On the night of Friday 11/4, we visited the home of human-guard/prison screw Dermetzopoulos on Kanari Street in Menemeni, Thessaloniki. We left him a homemade device that consisted of a metal canister filled with black powder and a bottle filled with gasoline that would be detonated by a slow-burning fuse.
The action was concealed by the press, either it happened as planned or the device didn’t explode due to some technical error. Some weeks earlier, prisoner Ilia Kareli was tortured to death. Ilia had first killed a human-guard because he didn’t get released as the state laws foresaw. Ilia had been in prison for 15 years for theft and robbery. From a young age he was involved in crime like thousands of other prisoners. Small thefts, drugs, robberies, a life across the law but not against it. The ones that were not needed for the capitalist system to staff its universities, its entrepreneurial think-tanks, its factories, its police forces, were left at the “edge”, were promised a handful of dope, and were left to survive with the primordial method of theft, turning it against other oppressed people.
In order for property to remain a life-aim for disciplined citizens, besides its promotion to the holy grail, it needs to be accompanied by the punishment of those who break the rules of the game. We see law-abiders and illegals who have this as their final aim as horses that race in vain while others bet and win, they just go past the same post again and again. Lets not fool ourselves. Besides the educative reasons for the rest of society’s population, the state needs illegallity in order to sustain the economy around the dogma of “safety” and “correction”. If it’s incomprehensible that people see as normal the fact that rich and poor exist, that people die from famine at the same time as others manage exhaustible natural resources to their own advantage, it’s even more difficult for the mind to accept that a part of the poor get paid to lock people up in narrow cells with bars on the windows.
And even worse, to torture them, to kill them.. If we want to send a message to those who have competitive relations with the law, while also being in the hands of the monstrosity of prison, it’s this: You are experiencing what we are experiencing at a different level. The state seeks your degradation, it plants competitiveness in your space, it rewards your cooperation, it tortures your mind and your body if you dare to resist.
Hold up your head, break the vaccine of hypnotism and slow death and through your struggle you will find human dignity and solidarity. In our lives we do not miss the concentration of wealth, we miss freedom and the common possession of all things necessary for living. And this means struggle against the law, judges and prison guards, cops and fascists, bosses and wage slavery. About the screws They may just be the “last cog in the wheel”, kids from villages only looking for work or anything else we have heard lately.
If it’s like that, then they should think twice about their choice and quit their shameful job of following orders to torture people. Until then, all these modern jailers, besides turning locks, will see it as their duty to maintain order, to teach right and wrong to those that deviate, to punish the undisciplined – and all this why? So that they can be successfully rehabilitated into society! But even after something like this, and also outside, there are many who are still prepared to do anything in order for “right” to prevail, in order for everything to function “regularly”.
Thus, prison guards and correctionists, like the authoritarians, the bosses, the legislators and the judicial officials, priests and professors, like to feed us with illusions in order for us to not demand our total liberation. At the same time as they beat and torture, others like them are voting in new memorandums(humiliating pensions/wages/healthcare), expecting us to continue to accept our chains. It’s time for all of us who struggle to show our strength and throw off the shackles from around our necks.
We will always keep in mind Nicola Pelecchia, fighter of N.A.P.
In his memory let’s construct the N.A.P. of our era. Everything begins now…
Anarchist cell of action

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