Solidarity gathering at Koridallos prisons on June 15th 2014 , and prisoners’ Announcement- Greece


Translated by Act for freedom now!
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Solidarity gathering at Koridallos prisons on June 15th 2014 Today Sunday 15/6/14 a gathering took place outside Koridallos prisons against the legislation for C type prisons that is being sent for vote in parliament this summer. Despite the bad weather conditions about 100 solidarians were present with chants and remained outside the prisons for about 2 hours.


As of June 18th , we the prisoners begin a prison food abstention in protest of the fascist legislation for the C type prisons. The ministry wants to make a prison within the prison, without rights, visitations, work days, exit permits.. The ministry’s aim is not to fix but to avenge and punish. When you deprive someone of the right to hope, the only sure thing is that you make them worse. C type prisons are not high security prisons, they are high desperation prisons. This is why it is not accidental that the ministry of justice is trying to pass this legislation in the summer, in order to not have to deal with reactions not of the prisoners but also all conscious and sensitized people. The three day food abstention is only the beginning. In any case of indifference of the ministry and government, the struggle will peak with every mean. In Greece the death penalty is now called C type prisons. STRUGGLE-RESISTANCE-DIGNITY
P.S. In the greece of poverty and misery, the only solution is solidarity between people. This is why we decided that these three days that we will carry out the food abstention, that this food is offered to the homeless, poor and unemployed…

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