Spain – Update on the situation of anarchist comrades Francisco and Monica


Translated by act for freedom now
 ‘Greetings to those who continue to show complicity, and to those who venture in the unknown with incertitude and are obstinate in their pursuing of anarchy. To them our respect and love.’
Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, two of the five anarchists arrested in November 2013 and accused of placing a bomb near the Basilica del Pilar in Zaragoza, are being held in custody awaiting trial. A few days ago they were denied conditional release, so they remain in prison (still under FIES 3 regime) till the trial, whose date is still unknown.
They are still waiting to be granted telephone calls between each other, after this possibility was denied a number of times (it seems they’ll be able to make calls next month), especially as communication between them is already quite slow (the letters they exchange take about a month to be delivered). They still can send out only two letters a week.
We take this opportunity to remind you that the two comrades’ birthdays are due soon: Monica’s is on 18th June and Francisco’s on 4th July. If you wish to send cards, drawings, etc., we suppose the comrades will be very happy considering the situation they are in. Do not send other kinds of things as there’s a limit on the number of parcels they can receive. For example Monica is entitled to one parcel a month, so we are trying to put everything together so as to send a monthly parcel.
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Ávila-Prisión Provincial
Ctra. de Vicolozano s/n
Apdo. 206
05194 Brieva (Ávila)
Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
C.P. de Villabona
Finca Tabladiello

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