Chile – Result of the ‘Caso Security’ trial against Anarchist comrades Freddy, Marcelo and Juan


From: radioazione
Translated by act for freedom now
This week the trial against our comrades concerning the alleged discovery of an escape plan, later attributed also to Freddy, Marcelo and people in solidarity, was marked by a media-police campaign against Juan and his family. This led to continuous searches of Juan’s cell, with consequent destruction of his personal belongings and also the floor and walls of the cell. Moreover, police raided the homes of people in solidarity. This was a prelude to the last act of the democratic inquisition.
The trial against our comrades lasted 11 weeks, and on June 6th the three judges claiming to have the right to decide on the fate of others read the verdict relating to Juan, Freddy and Marcelo. This ritual of human sacrifice was performed following a Dantesque script of security, involving a massive deployment of special forces checking documents on the premises of the (in)Justice Centre, GOPE officers searching for explosives, entrances strictly controlled, police equipped with shields and helmets patrolling every corner.
The court devised a new disgusting trap in order to isolate the comrades from their loved ones and to test new repressive methods. So, in the courtroom there were only three judges, agents of the Gendarmerie, prosecutors, the offended parties, our comrades and a space reserved for the journalist swine. In another room there were Moyano’s widow, daughter and colleagues. The comrades’ families were forced to stay in a completely isolated room under the strict surveillance of police officers and jailers, a room equipped with a TV set showing the trial by video link. This kind of measure had already been used on the occasion of the acquittal of the jailers responsible for the massacre that occurred during the fire at San Miguel prison.
It is not an uncommon procedure, as the prisoners of Guantanamo extermination centre are put on trial in the same way. In Italy, repression made a step forward in anticipation of the trial against eco-anarchists Gianluca and Adriano. These measures of techno-control reach the very cells of the comrades, so as to prevent the latter from getting out of the prison premises, while judges are spared from seeing those they sentence, and the contact between prisoners and people in solidarity is also prevented. In this way a trial, besides being media lynching, turns into a television show where judges become directors managing cameras, framing and microphones according to their interests. The verdict of the ‘Caso Security’ is an example of how repression has learnt lessons from other countries with wider police states.
From an insurrectional point of view, internationalism involves knowledge of the repression in other countries and the resistance opposed by comrades. We are alert to the manoeuvres of repression, as we are aware that the way a verdict is pronounced can be the first steps of a string of measures trying to isolate imprisoned comrades and to extend control and domination over prison society. For their part, after over two months the three miserable judges decided on the lives of human beings as if this was a mere administrative procedure, and dispensed years of prison to our comrades. Even if prosecutors’ expectations were not completely met, the verdict was sufficient to sentence the comrades to many years in prison.
1) Robbery with intimidation at Banco Santander, Augustinas: Juan acquitted.
 2) Robbery with intimidation at Banco Santander, Valparaiso: Juan and Marcelo found guilty; Freddy acquitted.
3) Robbery with intimidation at Banco Security, Augustinas: Juan, Freddy and Marcelo found guilty.
4) Moyano’s murder and Abarca’s attempted murder: Juan found guilty as perpetrator and Freddy as ‘participant’.
After the verdict was read out, Moyano’s widow and daughter gave statements, a miserable show whose goal was to favour a TV atmosphere in the trial and justify the sentence. Subsequently, mitigating and aggravating circumstances were discussed to establish the number of years that power will inflict on our comrades. It is worth remembering that Juan is to be considered ‘recidivist’ owing to legal precedents concerning the death of an officer during clashes that occurred in the nineties. Freddy is the only one without a previous criminal record, but prosecutors produced a document drawn up by the military justice in December 2009, where Freddy is indicted in Moyano’s murder, a fictitious and inexistent sentence concerning a trial that never took place but which constitutes excellent proof of how the comrades had been condemned even before the trial began. In the end Freddy’s ‘undoubted indictment’ was acknowledged and prosecutors demanded a total of 108 years in prison for the three comrades.
As the trial came to an end, families and comrades in solidarity threw leaflets and unfurled banners inside the court. In spite of the asphyxiating police control, unrest spread, with scuffles with the jailers positioned in different areas of the building. This, along with insults to the officers, caused the quick deployment of a massive antiriot contingent, which occupied the areas interested, and involved the absurd use of water cannons as officers feared their uniforms would catch fire, as well as ridiculous teargas and the usual arsenal of paint and rubber bullets. After this, the entrance to the court was closed and all the forces of order remained inside the building for several hours.
Revolutionary solidarity won’t stop with this circus/theatre. Juan, Freddy, Marcelo and Carlos had already faced death threats, clandestinity, Argentinian jails and brutal isolation in Chile, and now they are facing  judicial lynching. They refused any negotiation and didn’t renounce their life choices in total contempt for the world and culture of Power.
These comrades have always despised the forms and mechanisms of dominion, unlike some in the movement; these are comrades who have always despised power and the administration of this society of death, and so did they again during their prolonged ordeal. It won’t be the prisons of democracy, years in jail or the tons of concrete under which they want to bury the comrades that will stop comrades who never stopped or took a step back in the continuation of social war.
For the continuation of the struggle against power is a real and solid activity.
For nothing is over, absolutely nothing is over, everything continues …
Shame on the judges, prosecutors, jailers and swine journalists.
Love and revolt to Juan, Freddy and Marcelo
Insurgent Solidarity with the comrades of the ‘Caso Security’

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