Mexico: Words from anarchist comrade Mario Gonzales


 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now

The war waged by the invincible and indomitable against ‘the
capacity of destructive accumulation triggered by an economic-financial
mechanism that no international body is in a position to regulate:
globalization’ [1] never ceases to be present in the history of humanity.
As power’s repressive methods against ‘dissent’ are becoming increasingly
sophisticated, our only option is no longer a defensive one; going on the
attack is necessary, as Bonanno says, and we must do it with creativity if
we don’t want to be overwhelmed by the enemy, capital.
In the face of the losses of this war, forms of solidarity with the fallen
ones, the wounded and the prisoners in struggle for the emancipation of
humanity are being generated, and the struggle against prison is vital in
the wider struggle..
The Anarchist Black Cross is an important and precious demonstration of
all this; on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, I want to thank them
for the solidarity they’ve been expressing to me and many imprisoned
anarchist and non anarchist comrades since 2004. To meet people who don’t
reject you because you’re anarchist when it comes to giving support and
solidarity demonstrates that we’re not alone, and helps us not to suffer
imprisonment in solitude as sadly happens to many prisoners.
Nowadays we are experiencing overcrowding in prison, and the desperation
of being punished because we’re poor, dissident and excluded, as we fill
up these places and are condemned to be products that generate profits for
capital, broken by the torture of imprisonment; for all these reasons
jails are time bombs, a wild strike is coming [2], a strike that will
destroy prison and trigger mass escapes.
Don’t you think this is possible with the force of 12 thousand prisoners
in every prison?
As one experiences on one’s own skin the fact of being inside this
apparatus of death, rotten at the roots, one has a real understanding of
what prison is; it’s easy to say that social rehabilitation is an
absurd farce and a ‘market of punishment’ that consumes us little by
little. In the face of this, naturally human force shows its impressive
and unbreakable strength, which the State tries to destroy by sharpening
its methods of repression, but I don’t think the State will succeed. We
prisoners are all looking for freedom, let’s grab it! Let’s not let death
scare us more than the lack of real life does.
Anarchy, greetings and social revolution


[1] State violence. The antiterrorist war and the war on crime as a means
of global control (2012), Pilar Calveiro

[2] See The Revolution of Everyday Life by Raoul Vaneigem

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