Chile – Words on the liberation of anarchist comrades Alfonso and Hermes


From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now

‘A warm and brotherly hug to all the comrades who are keeping the memoryof our brother Angry alive, are showing solidarity with us and are runningrisks to spread propaganda by the deed. A strong hug to each of you, herein Chile and in Argentina, Turkey, Germany, Indonesia and in all distantand close corners of the world.’
(Alfonso and Hermes from a Maximum Security wing, a few weeks before theywere released)
On Friday 13th June, at the 1° Corte of Garanzia of Santiago, in thepresence of a popular defence team defending Alfonso and Hermes, theabbreviated summary procedure against the comrades was held. Theywere sentenced to five years in prison, the maximum penalty, but with thepossibility to get conditional bail. The comrades pleaded guilty tothe charges of illegal possession of firearms and armed robbery. We arevery grateful to the defence team for their work.We want to share and spread our joy at seeing our brothers free again andwe thank all the comrades who showed real solidarity and support all overthe world.
In particular we want to thank the comrades who contributed inevery possible way to spreading words on the imprisonment of ourcomrades, those who put a space for communicating and breakingisolation, the Library La Hiedra, at our disposal so as to use it as ameeting place, and those who wrote letters to be included in theparcels we sent to the prison every week.We also thank all the comrades and brothers and sisters who with actions of all kinds showed active solidarity with Alfonso and Hermes and against theirimprisonment, and strengthened the idea of destruction of exploitation anddomination and that of the creation of a world without authority withinthis very world.Finally, during the six months they spent in jail, Alfonso and Hermestasted the sad and bitter aspect of the struggle, the pain at the death ofAngry. Angry, your physical absence is irreplaceable but combative memorykeeps you present in the struggle against authority. To remember you is upto any comrade in the world who feels it and wants it. To you, Mauri,Jonny and all the fallen comrades: we’ll remember you through actionsaimed at the destruction of order and exploitation.
Let’s destroy the media circus that justifies the revenge of power.
Active solidarity with comrades Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel andJuan Aliste.Damned jails imprison their bodies, but not their irreducible spiritsenemy of dominion: Sol Farias Vergara, Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo, HansNiemeyer, Alejandro Astorga Rene Sanhueza, Jorge Mateluna, FranciscoSolar, Monica Caballero, Nicolas Olivares and all the prisoners of the social war.

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