Italy – Anarchist comrade Gianluca Iacovacci’s communiqué from the AS2 unit of the prison of Alessandria


Translated by act for freedom now
We receive Gianluca’s communiqué from Cassa Antirepressione delle Alpi Occidentali, and transmit:
 Dear comrades,
I’m coming back to you to make an annoying clarification due to an unpleasant and superficial initiative carried out by anonymous ‘comrades’, who with the hast of those who are free thought it necessary to spread a communiqué stating that I would have appointed a new lawyer, a piece of news completely false.
 I can understand the reasons behind bureaucratic mess, erroneous formalities, diatribes, schizophrenic ‘abnormalities’ of civil society, discussions – of which I don’t care at all – but it would be the case that I was contacted for clarifications by anyone before they mystified reality and spread a piece of news (without foundations), just to write something and without considering the confusion this might cause.
 Unfortunately I’m still here, always ready to answer questions, and I don’t think I’ve ever denied this to anyone. I understand that one can’t realize what being locked up 24 hours a day in an aseptic unit is like, at the mercy of mood changes – good for you if you don’t know it.
 Anything happening, even the most trivial things, is exponentially and uncontrollably emphasized in a situation of solitary confinement.
 I can’t make a simple telephone call or go and see someone to tell them what I want to say, as people do outside. It takes days before my words reach someone, if they ever reach them. I know one can’t understand, but one must be careful because I’m not at all happy about having to endure further stress besides that I’m already being inflicted.
 I don’t want to blame anyone but if this time I’ve been even too good, next time I won’t.
20th June 2014
C.R San Michele
 To write to the comrade:
 Gianluca Iacovacci
Via Casale 50/A
15122 San Michele (AL)

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