Italy- Update on the trial against anarchist comrades Adriano and Gianluca


From Rete Evasioni
Translated by act for freedom now
The second hearing of the trial against Gianluca and Adriano was held on 4th July. In spite of the fact that the trial was close to the public, some people in solidarity managed to get to the courtroom taking advantage of a momentary lack of control, due to the ceremonies characterizing the initial stage of a court hearing. They shouted out their anger at proceedings to be held in the absence of the defendants. A few minutes later, however, they were pushed out of the courtroom by carabinieri, while the judge seemed to ignore what was happening.
We remind you that judge D’Alessandro, by accepting the prosecutor’s request, ordered the trial be held via video-link; Gianluca and Adriano chose not to take part in the farce or to make their appearance through a screen.
As he was trying to uphold the manufactured charges relating to articles 270 and 270bis during his closing speech, prosecutor Minisci – an infamous person known to comrades for his involvement in the case for the riots of 15th October 2011- would mention facts occurred outside Italy, with the aim, we believe, of suggesting the existence of an imaginary international subversive association. He concluded his raving by demanding a sentence of 8 years for Adriano and one of 9 years for Gianluca.
The trial was adjourned on 18th July for the defense  closing speech and most likely for the pronouncement of the sentence.
We reconfirm our solidarity with the comrades on trial and the necessity to be on the alert as for the instrument of video-conferencing, which the law states should be applied only in exceptional circumstances but which is being already regularly applied, for example by the Tribunal of Surveillance in Rome.
Let’s not allow yet another attempt at taking the comrades away from their love and struggle relations to go by in silence!



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