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I have been a prisoner in Nigrita prisons for about 4 months now since I was transferred from another correctional facility for security reasons. In the time I have been in Nigrita prison I also experienced the murder of my fellow prisoner Ilir Kareli. On June 4th on the parliament tv channel I watched the hearing of the union of correctional employees and their leader, sergeant Aravandinos, who is also the president of the correctional employees. In this discussion about the correctional system, prisoners problems, the lack of personnel, the creation of C type prisons etc., they also discussed the crime they themselves committed by murdering Kareli.
First I will begin with the problems and living conditions and what was discussed on this subject. The problems they discussed were more or less in order to apply pressure to the ministry for the immediate imposing of the legislation of C type prisons, their arguments concerned overpopulation and because of that there are various incidents every day resulting in unrest for religious and nationalistic reasons etc., the first argument for the immediate building and functioning of the new prisons.

Then they spoke about the number of correctional employees, that it is insufficient and because of lack of force they are in danger, the second argument was so they get a raise and they can get some more pennies for the danger. Their aim so far and the pressure they apply shows the push for the immediate application of the new legislation so they can isolate those who resist and cannot be enslaved so our voice cannot be heard beyond the walls. And all this why? Because they are afraid, they fear everyone who resists, everyone who has dignity and wants to live free. Then there was a reference and question from the Syriza mp Katrivanou for the incidents that took place in Nigrita prisons with Ilir Kareli, their vicious and totally vengeful action of brutally murdering our unforgettable fellow prisoner.
There they tried again to come out clean just like in their first announcement of their union where they said that guards from Nigrita did not participate in the murder of Kareli. They still defend them and consider them innocent, while the guards themselves have been imprisoned and have confessed. The irony however is what? That Aravandinos said that they did not beat him for 2,5 hours, but for 7-8 minutes. What is the difference? That you killed someone in a minute or in an hour? Murder is murder and nothing changes that. My conclusion from the little I heard is that pressure is applied for the immediate application of the legislation so they can isolate us so we can not mobilize and resist the system that hold us shackled and wants to stop our dream for freedom.
The just of it is the immediate application of the legislation. And now what happens? Will we leave it at this? We must fight brothers and sisters, we cannot let them build us in. Brothers and sisters, the daily life inside the greek prisons is becoming more and more excruciating. When even outside prison people in society feel enclosed and confined, it is obvious that this same society in its condensed form will experience it at a greater degree. Modern greece could not be inconsistent towards the smooth development it should have as a part of global capitalism, that is, the system that wants those who live in its interior to completely accept the living terms they want. Theses terms are basically the laws that determine what someone can and cannot do. When someone does not accept them the state and authority will bring them on to the “right” path. And when someone does not follow it, they will attempt their extermination.
This happens also with us who have the strength to resist and there is no way we will make a step back. There are many ways through which dominance will try to make an alternative “normal life”, football, drugs, political parties etc. However there are many of us who through their choices disrupt the “normal life”, that is to say us who resist dominance, we will come up against the other part of the law, which is punishment. That is, what someone has to deal with who does not comply with what dominance wants and what I does not want. Prison is the most important representative of punishment and the correctional system is the last attempt of authority to bring someone back to the path of legality. Since in the case of the state and its mechanisms it has to deal with people who have already not complied, it applies a series of methods and strategies in order to oppress and decompress every such possibility of the prisoners clashing with the prison and its servants.
The discussion therefore from the hearing shows the real face of authority and how they try to cut us off from all contact with the mobilizations or updates when we attempt a dignified living condition and resistance to authority. The propositions discussed were the abolishment of exit permits in the case of those tried under law 187, 187a and the most important to them law 380, aiming at their postponement until the application of the legislation of electronic tagging. Already, as stated by prisoners and our friends who are in other correctional facilities, exit permits are being cut for time now, even for prisoners who got them regularly.
This is a fresh example. In Diavata prisons they cut off the regular exit permits and all this under the fear of disciplinary persecution of the commission in case of violation. And we let all this happen while high security prisons are being formed, from the pressure applied by the correctional union, in which will be transferred those who are accused or convicted of participation in a “terrorist” organization or and any resisting prisoner. The correctional code foresees the separation of prisoners (detained, convicted etc.) so why a special prison? Maybe to oppress possible mobilizations? As Aravandinos mentioned, a black October is coming (Aravandinos puts the spark for the fire and the legislation is applied swiftly).
How sneaky! Maybe so the condition of isolation of the prisoners can reappear now that their demands are being heard in society? Maybe so it can be one more fear for the prisoners, that they will be sent to the special prison if they demand their rights? Also, a few words about a fellow prisoner who violated his exit permit and after his arrest they tried to humiliate him first as a man and then as a prisoner. That is Behiri Artan or Eleytheiros Kartelas, who after his arrest was led back to Nigrita prisons.
There he was beaten by the guards and was transferred to the Nigrita hospital. There they tried to perform an enema with the pretext of transferring drugs.
Our fellow prisoner stood with dignity and resisted this absolute humiliation. After his insistent refusal the guards retreated.
All this took place after the murder of another prisoner in the same prison.
That’s all from me friends, comrades, fellow prisoners and fellow fighters.
Mihalis Ramadanoglou
Nigrita prisons, Serres

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