Cesena, Italy – Benefit event in solidarity with the Mapuche people’s struggle.


 via: spazio-solebaleno

Translated by act for freedom now

Poster reads:

‘Sole and Baleno’ free space present:

Monday 14th July at Magazzino Parallelo, via Genova 70, Cesena.

 In defence of the Earth and on the side of the Mapuche people’s resistance.

7:30pm: Vegan food

 9:30pm: Talk with HUMBERTO MANQUEL, a Mapuche from Panguipulli; ECOMAPUCHE (members of the Stop Enel network)

The indigenous Mapuche communities of Panguipulli have been struggling for years against a mega hydroelectric project bound to irremediably change the landscape surrounding the lakes of Neltume and Choshuenco and the Fuy River. The project seriously threatens an ecosystem which has remained untouched while ensuring the livelihood of 150 Mapuche communities. The Mapuche people have inhabited these territories for over five hundred years.

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