Cremona, Italy – Leaflet and poster in solidarity with NO TAV prisoners


Translated by act for freedom now

 Leaflet reads:

 You build yard.

You happy

You destroy our woods

We angry

Someone destroys your machines

You angry

We prefer you angry

We happy




Here follows the text of a poster fly-posted on the walls of
Irreversible sabotage
‘Everything is nothing’
Giacomo Leopardi
The existent flows in the passages of the undone. To blow up certainties in order to live in the open air is an excellent way of breaking useless material and psychic locks. And also fear. But fear is in the spirit of those who can find the path of the crime called freedom.
Reality and dream are of dual intensity: on the one hand, the malaise of the existent; on the other, sabotage for life. To put one’s life at stake in order not to fear death, against daily submission, is a warning sign of unknown and steep paths in the search of the possible.

Ideas that remain ideas are useless absurdities, for we can do everything as we don’t owe anything; for thought can be a transforming force only when it meets with materialism felt in joy.
On the topic of freedom, which is not a matter of administration, any error of detail, ‘sensible’ negotiation, anything of you left to those who give orders, is already the language of power.
If power recuperates, the only way not to be sucked in is to extend oneself to the irreversibility of rupture: a suspension of time and space, where representations fall down and the essential unicity of simplicity opens up unexplored worlds.
To try, you have to desire. To live, you have to suffer.
Suffering opens to the game of conspiracy, love for one’s excesses, where spirit and substance are not divided from each other by a cop, be he a man in uniform or an interiorized cop, but they lose themselves in the subversion of love, and tear morality to pieces, against the universe of commodities.
‘Fire experiments with immediacy’
What is there must not be denied in the name of what was there or will come there prematurely, but in the name of what we desire and could come true in infinite possibilities.
Anyone who insists in practising sabotage on the existent or in refusing commodified objects and relations, to leave them to those who content themselves with being servants without flaming passions, believes he/she is carrying the suffering of all around (including his/hers), a demystifying strings of claims and light and never discouraging thoughts, which drag the non-being in unknown places and takes roots in the wonderful and infinite occasions lingering in refusal; refusal that unites the enemies of all borders, the deserters of all flags, beyond the enclosures of property, right where begins the country that belongs to nobody.
To slow down the high speed train, which is this world, it is necessary to take energy away from it. To stop it, it is necessary to use stones, sometimes sand, so as to block its clogs. Mutiny and sabotage, always remembering what we don’t want, what we are not.
Martyrdom is not in the risk of desertion from law and order, but in the resignation and boredom of a life lived without the risk to practice what one is.
Far too often, to block a piece means to suspend everything and to strike the relations occurring in the places of oppression, it is to refuse a social pact that no one has ever signed with any state, continent or merchant.
It is the intensity of our lives that gives strength to the long journey towards the unimaginable.

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