Italy – Operation Brushwood: solidarity communiqué from Udine and update.


Translated by act for freedom now
Update: anarchist comrade Michele Fabiani is sent to jail
Today, Thursday 10th July 2014 at 4:30pm, three officers in plain clothes went to Michele Fabiani’s home and arrested him. The operation known as ‘Brushwood’, therefore, concluded the same way as it had started: with prison. Since Friday 27th July Michele had been aware of the result of the sentencing by the Court of Cassation. A week later prosecutors from Perugia ordered his arrest as stated by article  656 of the penal code, to which a clause has been recently added: in cases involving both subversive purposes and violence on people or property, custodial sentences only can be applied. A clause introduced ad hoc by the State in its miserable attempt at crashing the new waves of struggle.

However, Michele had refused the opportunity to make request – through his lawyer – for his sentence to be served in community and social work rather than in jail, an irreconcilable choice with Michele’s condition of political and revolutionary prisoner who doesn’t want to make a plea to disgusting bourgeois power. The acts of sabotage on yards, for which the State charged him even in the absence of evidence, are not reasons of either dishonour or shame to us; in fact any rebellious action against the system of Capital, a system that is destroying man and nature, is legitimate. The proletarian justice condemns those who exploit, get rich at the expenses of workers and devastate the environment. We take pride in your condemning us. With Damiano and Fabrizio in our hearts. We refuse the bourgeoisie’s sentences and their distinction between ‘guilty’ and ‘not guilty’, which only serve to divide the exploited.
 Comrades and political committee L’EVASIONE
To write to the comrade:
Michele Fabiani
Casa Circondariale di Spoleto
Via Maiano 10
06049 Spoleto (Pg)
Communiqué from Udine, 8th July 2014
On Friday 27th June 2014 we learned about the decision of the court of cassation regarding the Brushwood trial, which reconfirmed the sentence of two years and three months against anarchist comrade Michele Fabiani, who has now to serve one year.
Active in the struggle with words and deeds since the age of 14, from students’ struggles to the anti-prison struggle, Michele is the one the judges wanted to strike with this sentence, thus confirming the persecution of the State against a comrade who faced trial with his head held high, always claiming his being anarchist and never renouncing the struggle even in the last seven years of repression, as he has always done.
All our solidarity and complicity with Michele and all the imprisoned comrades.
But this is not a victory for the repressive apparatus of the State, especially as this sentence – however disgusting it might be – refused the hypothesis of the subversive association and ordered the acquittal of Dario Polinori, Damiano Corrias (who died last September), Andrea and Fabrizio (who also died, in June 2010).
We don’t care if Michele is guilty or not: we will also claim sabotage as a right instrument, from the Susa Valley to total war on dominion.
The courts and their sentences won’t stop Michele, in fact he had already refused the hypothesis of doing community work. As can be read in another communiqué, we take pride in your condemning us.
Fire to the prisons and the courts!
 Comrades in solidarity

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