Turin, Italy – Solidarity presence at the trial against anarchist comrades Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò


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Translated by act for freedom now

 Poster reads:

The repressive activity of Turin prosecutors continue. After the arrests of December 9 [2013], another three NO TAV comrades were jailed [11th July 2014] following an episode occurred in the night between 13 and 14 May 2013.

On our part, once again, we want to express solidarity with all the imprisoned and investigated comrades. We want to reconfirm that the yard in Chiomonte must be sabotaged and the construction of the TAV stopped, and that repression won’t stop our struggle.

We believe it is important to attend the next appointments in great numbers, starting from the sessions of the trial against Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò due on 14th and 16th July.

Neither the bunker courtroom nor the men of the Turin court will take us away from our comrades.

No one is left behind.






A march against the TAV will start on 14th and 16th July, when the two last hearings of the trial against Chiara, Claudio, Mattia e Niccolò will be held before the summer break. The comrades have been imprisoned since 9th December [2013], far from their loved ones, struggles and beloved valley. The trial will take place in the bunker courtroom of the Le Vallette prison, where 53 of us have also been on trial for over a year and a half, whereas the trial against the 4 comrades started off on 22nd May, and where the years spent in the defence of the Susa Valley from the TAV and from the devastation and militarization that this big and useless work involves, translate into charges and sentences..

Not far from the Orbital and the incinerator but far from gazes and attention, some of the many days we lived together are being put on trial, in particular that of 27th June 2011, the day when the Free Republic of the Maddalena was evicted; that of 3rd July of the same year, when we tried to take it back; and 14th May 2013, the night when some of us managed to get into that place turned into a fortress and damaged some of the machinery with which they are devastating the territory.
The choice of the bunker courtroom, which before the NO TAV trials only hosted mafia trials, responds to various needs.  Besides intimidating the popular jury, making the work of defence lawyers more difficult, isolating our friends in prison, it is part of the gradual extension of exceptional measures the State is adopting under the pretext of the war against mafia men and terrorists. Let’s consider the trials via video-linking, once upon a time used for security reasons only against mafia defendants, but which are now being gradually extended to other kinds of defendants and to the prisoners in High Surveillance units, where Chiara, Claudio, Nicco and Mattia   are being kept imprisoned and isolated from us and the rest of ‘social’ prisoners. Moreover, as happens with the many forms of resistance occurring in our cities, they are trying to diminish the reasons of the dissent and opposition to the TAV, to move them from the centre to the suburbs, to hide them in order to prevent them from spreading. For the struggle can be contagious. And the Valley showed this on many occasions, such as the blockages that followed Luca’s fall from a pylon and – just to mention recent times – the demonstrations organized in more than 40 cities on 22nd February to reconfirm that Terrorists are those who militarize and devastate territories, and the demo of last 10th May, when we repeated this once again, all together, filling up the streets of Turin.
We invite all to show up on 14th and 16th July at 9am outside the bunker courtroom on Corso Regina Margherita 540, and to be close to our friends on trial and show them that any attempts at isolating them and the NO TAV struggle will always meet with our obstinate opposition.
It is from there that a march will start off, from 17th to 27th July, from Avigliana to Venaus, and it will go through the areas that risk being devastated by new yards and subjected to the same asphyxiating militarization that is already looming over Chiomonte. And Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò, as well as Paolo and Forgi, will be with us this time too.

For those who struggle will never left behind.

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