On 16/07/14 in the center of Athens anarchist Nikos Maziotis of the Revolutionary Struggle group was arrested after a armed clash with anti-terrorist cops forces.


On 16/07/14 in the heart center of Athens anarchist fighter Nikos Maziotis was arrested after a armed clash with anti terrorist forces cops during which he was injured.

Solidarity is one of our many weapons against State totalitarianism and social indifference.

Our glass is spilling over with tears for the convictions and murders of our comrades,

bullets in their bodies,

the brutal repression of the anarchist movement,

and the apathy of the masses.

The passion for freedom is stronger than all cells,

and will be forever as long as they persecute us.

Practical solidarity with anarchist revolutionary Nikos Maziotis.

Multiform Revolutionary Struggle,

to the end.

Comrades in solidarity


Whether outside or inside prison the struggle for us is a matter of honor and dignity and will continue.

The revolutionary struggle continues.  NIKOS MAZIOTIS

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